NEW: HOOK – the fastener for high tensile force

The successful Fidlock product family has a new member. Once again, Fidlock has developed a snap fastener that meets the needs of particular applications thanks to its closing properties and the materials used. For the new HOOK, the challenge was to design a fastener solution that – depending on the version – could withstand even massive tensile loads. A typical application is the fastener of a motorcycle helmet: when the worst happens, it must not open accidentally, even when subjected to extreme forces.

The Fidlock HOOK is therefore designed to withstand tensile forces of over 200 kg. To guarantee the necessary material strength, Fidlock uses an aluminium hook combined with glass-fibre reinforced materials. For applications requiring less tensile strength, Fidlock offers other versions of the HOOK, e.g. for dog leads or – in smaller and thinner formats – for watch straps. Like all Fidlock fasteners, the HOOK is based on the tried and tested Fidlock concept, which combines the convenience of a magnetic fastener with the stability of a mechanical snap fastener. In this way it offers significant added value: one-handed operation, virtually automatic closing and secure locking. The HOOK is closed by moving the male element towards the female lower fastener. Once in position, the elements attract one another magnetically and finally engage firmly in two notches – all of which can be achieved effortlessly with just one hand. Opening is just as easy – simply tilt the fastener forwards.

As with all Fidlock fasteners, the HOOK can also be customised to suit the design requirements and thereby perfectly match the customer’s brand and the design of the product.

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