innovative fastening solution for bags

innovative fastening solution for bags

The Hook 25 rivet is the ideal fastening solution for the simple attachment of bags, diaper bags, and other items onto the stroller.

Suitable for all strollers: The new Fidlock Hook 25 rivet can be attached individually onto any model using the cord solution. The fastening solution from Fidlock is universally applicable, is flexible, and easy to use. It is ideal for active parents and children who do not want to be restricted when out and about.

The male part of the Hook 25 rivet can be simply fastened with the strap fastener through a loop on the stroller handle. If needed, the fastening solution can be used for further applications at any time. On the other side, the female part of the Hook 25 rivet is attached to the bag.

As with all Fidlock fasteners, the HOOK 25 rivet is based on the proven Fidlock concept and offers a particularly stable solution. It impresses with its unique mechanical magnetic technology (the female and male parts snap shut on their own, thanks to their magnetic force, and lock together securely), and everything is effortlessly carried out single-handedly. Opening is just as simple: by pulling on the (red) strap, the fastener snaps open. As is typical of all Fidlock fastenings, the HOOK can be designed according to individual requirements and is therefore ideal for adjusting to a particular brand as well as product design.

Thanks to our wide range of fasteners, many other quick fastenings for any stroller accessory are possible. Our Hook product family and the SNAP bolt fasteners are particularly suited to this purpose.