MindShift Gear camera equipment backpacks with magnetic fasteners

Taking photos in the blink of an eye – this is what was important for the product designers at MindShift Gear during the development of the Rotation 180°  camera equipment backpack . The result is revolutionary and guarantees your snapshots: whereas camera equipment backpacks or bags usually have to be taken off in order to get to your camera equipment, in this case, the hip bag, which is safely stored in the lower section of the backpack, can be rotated to allow access to your camera and lens in the blink of an eye. Just slide open the SLIDER 25 plastic shield quick release fastener and pull the hip bag out of its base in the camera equipment backpack round to the front of your body: open, take out the camera, shoot.

Whether during transport or during rotation – the equipment remains safely stored and is prevented from falling out. The intuitive use of the MindShift Gear camera equipment backpacks, or rather the quick release fastener, is both a crucial characteristic of the product and a fundamental component when seconds really do matter. Here, the SLIDER 25 plastic shield from Fidlock is used, which fixes the hip bag securely under the camera equipment  backpack and releases it for quick access in the blink of an eye by sliding open to the side – even if you only have one free hand and are wearing gloves.

further information: www.fidlock.com/en/applications/mindshift-gear-fasteners-for-bags