Mainstream-MSX uses innovative pannier buckles

At Mainstream-MSX, performance lies in the smallest of details. It quickly becomes clear that MSX is serious about its goal of offering products that combine sophisticated design with functional components that are intelligent, innovative, and efficient. Mainstream-MSX uses top high-tech materials to ensure that its products have a genuine added value – for users that demand elaborate, waterproof handlebar bags with high-performance technology, with an equally high demand in terms of design and aesthetics. In collaboration with Fidlock, Mainstream-MSX has achieved a buckle solution based on SNAP technology for its waterproof CLS 55 MX handlebar bag that outshines all other conventional pannier buckles.

Increased security thanks to the mechanical buckle mechanism

The key element of the modern, waterproof handlebar bag is the HYBRID module frame with clear, sophisticated design. This extremely lightweight construction has a total weight of just under 177 grams: A special feature of this are the frame-integrated magnetic holding modules based on the Fidlock SNAP buckles. The MagnetConnectModule (MCM) technology, which is developed in this way, has an additional mechanical security component for secure, automatic locking of the top bag cover. The bonding force of the processed neodymium magnets ensures that they meet automatically when closing and lock securely. The risk of the buckles opening unintentionally is therefore eliminated. The simple single-handed operation of the pannier is also a major benefit, as one hand can remain safely on the handlebars at all times. Furthermore, the precise direct fitting provides the buckles and their locking modules with perfect dimensional stability in all travel conditions.

Buckles – perfectly integrated

With the CLS 55 MX bicycle handlebar bag, Mainstream-MSX provides an example of how design and functional components such as pannier buckles – but also brand manufacturers and development partners – combine perfectly for buckle integration. The latest pannier is extremely durable, dustproof, waterproof, and equipped with a range of pioneering features. An additional practical feature is the innovative KlickFix quick-fastening module, which ensures that the pannier is attached quickly to the handlebars. Altogether a convincing overall concept for the premium segment.

Basic information of the Mainstream CLS 55 MX

  • Waterproof, dustproof, extremely durable handlebar bag
  • Abrasion-resistant outer material
  • Fully integrated and automatically closing pannier buckles with high-strength neodymium magnets
  • Lightweight module frame, 177 grams
  • KlickFix quick-fastening module for bicycle handlebars
  • Shoulder strap • Volume: Approx. 8.8 l
  • Dimensions: Approx. H23 x W25.5 x D15 cm
  • Colors: Black, black/red

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