New: snap lock V-buckle 25

Snap lock with twofold security

Whether it is a camera, notebook, other electronic equipment, or any additional equipment that is of particular value to the user: If you are carrying valuable equipment, you want to have peace of mind and know your things are stored as securely as possible. A secure case and a well-padded bag are therefore an important part of your kit, while a reliable snap lock that guarantees quick access and simultaneously keeps your belongings safe is the other essential part. With the snap lock V-buckle 25 Fidlock provides a new snap lock that offers the ideal solution for applications with a high security requirement.

Snap lock for the outdoors, sport and similar sectors

The V-buckle 25 boasts an extremely diverse range of application areas and is recommended for use whenever a particularly reliable yet user-friendly connection is required, but a conventional snap lock does not offer sufficient security – neither from a technical perspective nor a sensory one. Compared with other snap locks, the V-buckle 25 provides an additional level of security that makes it ideal for applications where security is important. In addition to locks on bags that are used to transport valuable equipment, the newest member of the Fidlock lock portfolio is also ideal for use with sport & outdoor equipment  that is critical for security – for instance, attaching a chalk bag when climbing or securing equipment with straps. Last but not least, the V-buckle 25 also fulfills the requirements for baby carriers  or even as a secure dog collar lock.

V-buckle 25 – full extension of force under load

The V-buckle 25 is well-placed to deal with the tensile force, as the snap lock only fully showcases its special features under load and has a self-locking effect. It thereby offers an additional level of security that reassures users in critical situations. When examined more closely from a technical perspective, the V-buckle 25 reveals its secret: Both the male and female part feature a deep indentation with a profile designed for fixed interlocking with a direct transmission of force. The security lock thereby manages without flexible small parts, which reduces tolerances and makes it less prone to faults. Under load, the lock interlocks with its v-profiles, so that the locking force increases and makes it more difficult to open. This functional characteristic offers a significant advantage in terms of security as a lock solution for baby carriers, for example.

Snap lock with intuitive operation

The high level of convenience together with increased security are typical features of Fidlock products. The V-buckle 25 snap lock is based on the multi award-winning Fidlock principle and consequently links the benefits of a magnetic lock with a stable mechanical snap fastener. The lock components are attracted by the magnetic force and close very easily, whereby the male and female parts automatically snap together and interlock. The V-buckle 25 can be opened single-handedly using the pull tab (optional and not included in the scope of delivery, can be easily attached at a later point), which only releases the fastening and the secure lock when the flap is lifted. Inadvertent opening is securely prevented by the multi-level process.

Secure, versatile elegance

The snap lock V-buckle 25, with its special features, is designed for applications that require a high level of security and protection.

Possible areas of application:

  • as snap lock for baby carriers
  • as bag lock for photographic equipment, notebooks, tablets, etc.
  • for fastening sports equipment, e.g. chalk bag
  • as lock for straps
  • as fastener/lock for camping equipment
  • as dog collarlock

Last but not least: With all certitude, the V-buckle 25 also satisfies high design requirements. The flap is manufactured from magnetic stainless steel and lends a sophisticated air to the product. To maximize individuality and enhance the brand effect, the stainless steel “shield” can be printed on if desired.