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Fidlock fastener for children’s strollers, diaper bags, etc.

Highly functional, easy to operate and extremely useful – this is how most users find their first experience of a Fidlock fastener. The advantages of the magnetic and mechanical fasteners are immediately apparent, particularly in areas of use where convenient one-handed operation and safety are vital. This “simplicity” is based on many years of development work and numerous patents for the Fidlock concept, which forms the basis for a wide-ranging portfolio of fastener solutions, including many fasteners that reveal their full strengths when used on equipment for babies and children. That means wherever simple operation and safety are of primary importance. These applications include, for example, strollers, bike trailers, baby carriers, high chairs, diaper bags, and many more.

3-point lock – fastener with automatic closure

Due to its low weight, compact design, and great ease of use, the 3-point lock can be used for a range of three-point belt system applications. The stable and self-closing properties of the fastener and the prerequisites for European standard EN 1888 on strollers mean that it is ideal for use on strollers, buggies or bike trailers, as well as on children’s high chairs, or frame backpacks. Its main advantage compared with conventional three-point solutions is that the fastener can be operated using just one hand, meaning that users benefit from greater ease of use and improved safety.

5-point lock – fastener for more stringent requirements

Special applications, country-specific requirements and standards call for individual solutions. Consequently, in addition to the 3-point lock, Fidlock also offers a five-point fastener solution: For example, the 5-point lock offers a two-stage trigger process and thereby complies with additional safety regulations and standards such as those stipulated for strollers in Europe, the US or Australia.

Quick-release fasteners for diaper bags

Another typical application example in the field of baby equipment is the diaper bag. This is another area where parents are looking for attachment and fastening solutions that are simple and manageable. For example when you are carrying your baby in your arms, opening the diaper bag, taking out changing paraphernalia, and putting it away again. The simple solution with one-handed operation is found multiple times in Fidlock’s portfolio of fasteners.

From the MINI TURN and the SNAP push, SNAP pull, and SNAP buckle to the SLIDER all of the solutions are ideal for use as bag fasteners and ensure that the item can be opened easily and will close automatically and securely.

Fasteners for strollers

For parents, their child’s stroller – or indeed their bike trailer – is the item that truly offers the greatest possible mobility. Whether on an excursion, out shopping, or visiting a play area, the stroller should offer storage space and be stable enough to transport the additional weight of a few shopping bags safely, as well as the diaper bag. The diaper bag is almost always present and can be conveniently attached to the stroller’s “handlebars” when possible. For example, the Fidlock HOOK 25 rivet provides the ideal fastener solution for attaching a bag to the stroller. The fastener is easy to operate, even wearing gloves, and offers the bag manufacturer the flexibility to equip the stroller with a strap attachment that allows bags to be attached to the stroller handle using a loop, in a convenient and secure manner – irrespective of the stroller model involved. However, it is not just diaper bags but many other important items of paraphernalia that can be attached to the stroller in a practical manner using suitable fastener solutions from Fidlock, meaning that these items are always within easy reach.

Baby carriers with greater convenience

Besides strollers and bike trailers, baby carriers are the ideal aid for maximum mobility with a baby, particularly in his or her first few months of life. Users are well advised to compare the different systems, take the ergonomic aspects into account, and also seek opinions from midwives. If you compare the available baby carriers in detail, you will also find that the handling differs widely. By way of example, the decisive points here are the fasteners and straps that, depending on the equipment, ensure greater convenience and/or make it easier to put on and take off the baby carrier. The Fidlock portfolio, for example, contains a fastener that is ideally suited for use with baby carriers, as the Fidlock V-buckle 25 was developed especially for applications where safety is vital: It is self-locking, meaning that it locks automatically and can only be opened by applying a greater force when heavily loaded – i.e. as long as the baby is in the carrier. However, if the load is removed from the baby carrier, the V-buckle 25 can be opened conveniently using only one hand. The powerful magnets mean that the fastener is easy to close, engages securely and has a high locking force – important added safety and convenience for day-to-day life.

Attachments for products from strollers to infant car seats

Just as a touring bike, for example, should provide a wide range of fixings and attachment solutions for luggage, drinking bottles or your cell phone on long trips, in practice it is very helpful to attach baby paraphernalia so that it is within easy reach yet securely fixed to the stroller, infant car seat, or bike trailer. Fidlock SNAP fasteners offer a wealth of suitable solutions here – whether you wish the item to be locked in place, attached, connected, or to offer flexible adjustment. The SNAP product range is also characterized by its magnetic and mechanical locking force and simple one-handed operation. What is more, the SNAP attachment and fastening solutions have a particularly compact design, can be combined in multiple ways, and can be integrated into various materials making them the universal fastener with the widest range of applications. Whether you’re looking to fix a cell phone on the stroller or baby jogger so that users can keep their running app in perfect view while jogging, incorporate a helmet fixing for secure storage in the bike trailer, a magnetic drinking bottle holder on the stroller, a pacifier strap holder on the infant car seat, or a complete luggage system for the bike trailer, fixed in place using SNAP fasteners on magnetic screw heads with M5 threads, the possibilities are diverse and Fidlock is the ideal partner to develop individual solutions with added value for the baby equipment market.

Individual customized fasteners

Today, the Fidlock portfolio includes many fasteners that are ideally suited for use on many items of baby equipment. Many successful solutions such as school satchel fasteners have come into being thanks to close collaboration between Fidlock and manufacturers of branded products. We see ourselves as the point of contact for individual solutions and are experts in developing customized fasteners that, thanks to their function and operation, provide convincing added value for clinching purchasing decisions, while also ensuring an enduring customer experience.

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