The right equipment for getting out and about safely and staying active with children

The right equipment for getting out and about safely and staying active with children

When they have children, sporty couples in particular may wonder how it is possible to stay active with the right equipment without it having a negative impact on their offspring.

People who enjoy cycling, hiking or regular jogging are therefore prepared to invest in convenient and safe equipment and equipment attachments for their next outdoor adventure with their baby or child. For many families, being active with their child is extremely important. Hiking with children is particularly popular, as both the little ones and their parents enjoy the movement in the fresh air and the experience of being in the mountains. However, cycling trips also give children in bike trailers great pleasure before they later climb onto a bike themselves.

Family excursions with the right equipment

Firstly, in order for a family excursion to go completely smoothly, the equipment plays a major role, together with the comfort and convenience it provides. Not only is everything easier with the correct equipment, but ultimately all members of the family enjoy the trip more – and the trip starts with packing and loading up the car. Well-thought-out bike and luggage carriers or roof boxes help to make good use of the storage space (which is generally inadequate), and to make the journey to your destination more pleasant. Attachment solutions throughout the passenger and luggage compartments – as can be implemented based on the Fidlock fasteners and attachments – help to stow away all the travel paraphernalia securely yet enables it to remain within easy reach at all times. So as to make longer car journeys varied and entertaining for children, parents like to provide their offspring with car entertainment solutions that allow flexible installation. For example, a popular solution is to attach iPads to the head rests of the front seats. With the aid of a Fidlock attachment solution, these can be fixed securely in place in an instant and then adjusted to the required position.

Whether they are used for stowing luggage, as an attachment, for fixing items in place, connecting or clipping them on, functional and easy to operate fasteners make a trip comfortable – and maybe even mean it is easier on your nerves. Child seat fasteners that are difficult to operate with even two hands have often tried the patience of parents and children. Here the secure Fidlock fasteners with convenient one-handed operation offer a solution. When it comes to equipment for babies and children, these fasteners can be used for various purposes.

Make hiking with your child a safe pastime

No matter whether it is a frame backpack for hiking with children, a bike trailer, child’s bike seat or helmet for bike trips, sports stroller for jogging, or a baby carrier for day-to-day activities with a small child – with all these types of equipment, attachment and the right fastener play a key role in ensuring maximum safety and convenience. Here the Fidlock product portfolio offers a wide range of suitable solutions for different types of attachment, so that outdoor activities with children are safe and secure. For example, the Fidlock 3-point lock provides an ideal solution for frame backpacks: The fastener can be operated with one hand, meaning that the user’s second hand is free to ensure that the child is sitting securely at all times during the process of fastening and unfastening, while the fastener prevents the child from falling out accidentally, as it cannot be opened by the child itself. Fidlock attachment solutions also prove practical for attaching paraphernalia around the frame backpack so that it is within easy reach at all times – for example a pacifier band or a drinking bottle.

Foolproof fastening and attachment solutions

Thanks to their tried and tested properties, Fidlock fasteners make life a great deal easier: Thanks to the magnetic and mechanical attachment, the fasteners close automatically, engage securely, and thereby ensure a secure closure at all times. They are also extremely easy to open with one hand. Overall, they offer added convenience without compromising on safety. For many years now, Fidlock fasteners have been demonstrating their foolproof operation thousands of times each day on school backpacks from many well-known brands. They have also proved their worth on bike helmets for adults and children. What is more, the Fidlock portfolio enables numerous other applications in the area of equipment for babies and children.

Fasteners and attachment solutions for:

  • Attachments to bike trailers
  • Fasteners for bike seats
  • Fasteners for baby carriers
  • Fasteners and attachments on strollers, baby joggers, buggies
  • Fasteners for frame backpacks
  • Attachment solutions for drinking water holders and drinking bottles
  • Luggage solutions for the car
  • Attachment of in-car entertainment systems
  • and so on

Thanks to our customized solutions, we work closely with manufacturers and offer the opportunity to develop individual fasteners and therefore new products in the area of children’s equipment. Due to their function and operation, these products deliver convincing added value to clinch the purchasing decision.

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