Helmet buckle for the safe ride on a snowmobile

For some it’s the thrill of motocross, for others it’s the ride on a snowmobile. The snowmobile offers not only the opportunity to participate in motorsports in the winter but also breathtaking action and wonderful sights: whether it be stunts on the hills, or tours through the snowy wilderness – the most important factor is the safety of the driver. With their snow mobile helmet the producers over at 509 have excellently combined maximum safety with comfort and rightfully put their trust in the power and performance of Fidlock to provide the best snow mobile helmet buckle.

Safe helmet buckle – easily operated even with gloves

There are many aspects that are important when it comes to professional motorsports and even more so on a snowmobile. One must take into consideration the temperature, the high speeds, the steep curves, the jumps and it is here that the right equipment makes all the difference. With their helmet series “Altitude” the producer 509 offers the perfect equipment for all extreme situations on a snowmobile. The helmets are equipped with all the latest comfort and security features and also take into consideration the needs of the user such as a fitting for Action cams by GoPro®, so the wearer can record all their rides and stunts. The highlight of this helmet series is the “Altitude Carbon Fiber Snow Helmet”. This snowmobile helmet is handmade from strong carbon fibers and so combines safety and comfort with lightweight construction and an ideal fit. The high standards that 509 have set in comfort and safety can been seen in every aspect of this helmet, right down to the helmet buckle. Every model of this innovative snowmobile helmet is fitted with the HOOK 25 alu motorbike by Fidlock. This buckle was designed especially for high loads and as it can be opened and closed even while wearing gloves it is perfect for the use on a snowmobile.

Helmet buckle for top performances in the snow

As the name already states the helmet buckle HOOK 25 alu motorbike was originally designed for the use on motorcycle and motocross helmets and has completely revolutionized the market. It is not only certified by the technical control board and holds 200kg; it also fulfills the testing standard ECE-R22 for motorcycle helmets. These strict testing standards can also now benefit the snow mobile drivers thanks to 509. The snowmobile helmet buckle is extremely reliable, is comfortable and will not open by chance in extreme situations such as accidents. To summarize the characteristics of this buckle: The HOOK 25 alu motorbike is extremely resilient, safe and comfortable, it closes automatically and can be opened with just one hand, even while wearing gloves. There is no more troublesome and tiresome threading and adjusting of the chin strap.

More about the functionality of this snowmobile helmet buckle HOOK 25 alu motorbike can be seen in the video below about the 509 Altitude Carbon Fiber snowmobile helmet.