New magnetic fasteners - very sturdy for more safety

The HOOK family receives new innovative magnetic fasteners

Since the launch of the safe and extremely resilient HOOK magnetic fasteners last year, Fidlock hat continuously expanded the product family. Following the first four successful forerunners that have generated great interest among producers of sport and safety equipment there are seven new magnetic fasteners. The portfolio of these HOOK fasteners are taking on new dimensions and offer many more solutions based on the tried and tested HOOK principle, including applications for bags, backpacks, helmets, outdoor equipment, baby equipment and much more. The new magnetic buckles in this family are: HOOK 20 helmet buckle, HOOK rope, HOOK 25 alu, HOOK 25 rivet, HOOK 40 belt, HOOK 40 adjuster and HOOK reverse.

HOOK – resilient magnetic fasteners with high levels of security.

The HOOK product family holds some of the most innovative solutions in the Fidlock magnetic fastener portfolio. This is thanks to both the basic principle of the HOOK magnetic fasteners and the special closing mechanism. The extremely sturdy materials used make it particularly resilient and so they can fulfill even the most specific application requirements. The HOOK magnetic fasteners can hold very high loads depending on the model. The HOOK 25 alu motorbike for instance is the best example as it is designed to hold up to 200kg. Just as important is of course the easy handling which makes them very attractive for very a diverse area of applications.

Summary of the new magnetic fasteners

The seven new magnetic fasteners can convince anyone thanks to the tried and tested characteristics of the HOOK product family – Safety, Resilience and Easy Handling. Their most important characteristic is the “hook” which allows the buckle to have a very sturdy locking to the undercut; this combined with the glass fiber reinforced materials offer maximum load capacity. The magnetic buckles however vary in their designs and the recommended applications. Here is a short summary of the newest models:

HOOK 20 helmet buckle

Through its basic design and very high locking power, the HOOK 20 helmet buckle is constructed for bike and other sport helmets. There are solutions for different webbing widths – The new HOOK 20 helmet buckle also comes in 15mm webbing, the HOOK 15 helmet buckle. This one is very compact, light and can be discreetly integrated into the webbing system.

HOOK 20 rope

The HOOK 20 rope has a very flat profile and together with the HOOK 20 flat is the buckle with the lowest profile height of all the Fidlock magnetic fasteners. Instead of being attached with webbing, this fastener is secured with an elastic band that can be easily adjusted. Best use of this buckle would be on backpacks, shoes and other sports attire.

HOOK 25 alu

The HOOK 25 alu distinguishes itself through its minimal design and clear form. This magnetic fastener is not only easy to open thanks to the pull tab but is also the perfect solution for applications needing to withstand high loads. The CNC milled aluminum not only provides stability but also gives it a premium appearance. This magnetic buckle can be customized easily by adding a logo either through printing or using a laser.

HOOK 25 reverse

The HOOK 25 reverse is extremely flexible as the top part of the buckle can be fixed to the bottom part on both sides. Meaning that a bag can still close safely even if the webbing is twisted – ideal for top loader backpacks, duffel bags and messenger bags. It still however offers the user a load capacity of up to 40kg, so that the fastener can be used to fixate and mount objects.

HOOK 25 rivet

The HOOK 25 rivet is perfect for attaching objects to materials, for example webbing to carrier boxes or a diaper bag to a stroller. It is practically predestined to attach tarps to boats or canopies to strollers or bike trailers. Extremely practical is the adjustable bar attached to the D-ring which allows the webbing to be altered easily.

HOOK 40 belt

The HOOK 40 belt is a quick release solution for applications with high loads and strong mechanical influences. This fastener is ideal for work attire such as vests or tool belts, outdoor equipment, bags – e.g. fold bags or top loader backpacks and even for securing luggage. Its dome like design shields it from being opened accidentally and also ensures safe locking even with high loads. The pull tab however still enables easy opening even while wearing gloves.

HOOK 40 adjuster

Available in multiple models the HOOK 40 adjuster connects and as the name says, adjusts webbing securely. This magnetic fastener is available as a “two-bar”, “single-bar”, “triglide” or can be customized to fit the application requirements. Its main features include the safe locking, quick adjusting and easy handling. The buckle is ideal for self-closing bags e.g. messenger Bags and fold bags and allows the user to adjust the webbing with just one hand.

Safe, sturdy and user-friendly

As with all Fidlock magnetic fasteners the newest additions to the HOOK product family are based on the established Fidlock Principle. This stands for the combination of a magnetic buckle with a stable mechanical locking system which offers the user an array of advantages: The single handed operation, the self-closing mechanism and the high levels of safety thanks to the strong hold. The HOOK magnetic fasteners have a very innovative closing system. The male part is moved towards the female (bottom) part. Once they are brought into position both elements are magnetically drawn together and are locked together through the two grooves. Opening the buckle is just as easy; simply tilt the top part of the buckle forwards.

Customized magnetic buckle

As is typical for Fidlock buckles, the HOOK fasteners can be customized to fit individual wishes and so be perfectly designed to suit any brand whether this be through logos, colors or a particular design.