Zirkeltraining: Magnetic closures for bags made from leather taken from sports equipment and from gymnastics mats

Bags from Zirkeltraining are unique – each and every piece is a one-off with its own story to tell. Manufactured from recycled leather taken from sports equipment and gymnastics mats, and enriched with functional details such as the Fidlock magnetic closures for bags, the limited-edition bags and accessories have a stylish, retro-chic look, while at the same time making you break out in a sweat with memories of circuit training (known as Zirkeltraining in German) during school sports – from the box to the vaulting horse, bars, and mat. Since 2007, the Zirkeltraining brand has won many design awards and has succeeded in generating enthusiasm for its products among users who have high demands in terms of design and quality, rather than simply among sports fans. The idea for the innovative bags from Zirkeltraining developed spontaneously when the retailer Bernd Dörr discovered a pile of old gymnastics mats and some discarded gymnastics equipment in a backyard. These came from a company that repaired sports hall equipment and that had just moved into the premises. When asked, the company was happy to hand them over instead of throwing them out with the bulky waste collection. Inspired by the high-quality leather that showed completely individual signs of wear due to decades of use in gymnastics classes, the idea of making something from this equipment came into being.

Zirkeltraining – the birth of an exclusive collection of bags

The idea of manufacturing bags from old leather sports equipment and gymnastics mats was now in place, and the potential for a brand of bags with a real sporting background, emotion, and all kinds of memories was clear for all to see. Today, the demand for Zirkeltraining bags is higher than the available recycled materials, which means that the unique pieces are even more sought after. With an exclusive collection of bags and accessories, Zirkeltraining now offers more than 35 product lines, available under models such as “Aufschwung” (Swing-up), “Barren” (Bars), “Bock” (Vaulting horse), “Flick-Flack” (Back handspring), “Kopfstand” (Headstand), and “Ring” (Ring). The collection wins admirers thanks to its classic, retro design and great attention to detail. It ranges from classic messenger bags and protective covers (for notebooks, tablets, and smartphones) to sports bags, bags for photography equipment, and ladies’ handbags, not forgetting pencil cases, sponge bags, and purses and wallets. All of these “everyday champions” are connected by their unique design and their recycled Materialien und hochwertige Details.

Magnetic closures – greater convenience, individual design

Although it uses recycled materials, Zirkeltraining places great importance on high quality, product features, and well-thought-out details. Extremely hard-wearing material, such as gymnastics mat for the body of the bag and light-brown leather taken from sports equipment for the top, make the bags ideal for housing laptops and many other devices safely. On some models of the laptop bags and iPad protective covers, highly-functional magnetic closures for bags from Fidlock are used, for example on the “Kasten plus” and “Kasten unit” laptop bags, and the “Stufenbarren iPad” cover. The MINI TURN, SLIDER, and SNAP pull bag closures that have proved their worth many times over are used to guarantee a particularly high level of convenience and very secure closure. Thanks for the Fidlock principle, all of the fasteners can easily be opened using only one hand, close automatically, and keep notebooks or tablets securely fastened. Moreover, the www.fidlock.com/en/applications/zirkeltraining-magnetic-closure-for-bags that is laser engraved with the Zirkeltraining brand guarantees a strong designer look with maximum brand effect.

Basic information on the Zirkeltraining bags:

  • Limited-edition, retro-style bags made from leather taken from sports equipment and from gymnastics mats
  • High quality standard
  • Design that has won multiple awards
  • MINI TURN magnetic closure (link)
  • SLIDER magnetic closure for bags (link)
  • SNAP pull bag fastener (link)
  • Available in selected shops

Further information: www.fidlock.com/en/applications/zirkeltraining-magnetic-closure-for-bags