Fidlock motorcycle helmet buckle with TÜV certification

The motorcycle helmet is arguably the most important piece of protective equipment for bikers and everything must be 100 per cent in order: protection, visibility, weight, aerodynamics, handling and convenience. Absolutely no compromises can be made when it comes to helmet safety, which is why the new HOOK 25 alu motorbike motorcycle helmet buckle from Fidlock underwent the TÜV safety test in compliance with the ECE-R22 motorcycle helmet standard and passed with flying colors.

Strength test for the HOOK 25 alu motorbike helmet buckle

The fastening concept used in the helmet buckle is revolutionary for motorcycle helmets with optimum safety and added convenience, as it locks automatically and can be opened easily with just one hand – even when wearing gloves. TÜV Rheinland was required to check whether the helmet buckle fulfilled all the safety requirements and could withstand the force applied. The following properties were tested, for example: – Resistance to a fastening force of 200 kilograms or 2,000 newtons – Accidental/unintentional opening, – Locking effect of the strap. The HOOK 25 alu motorbike has passed in all areas without any objections and has therefore been approved as a helmet buckle for use on motorcycle helmets.

The latest generation in motorcycle helmet buckles

The HOOK 25 alu motorbike and its features are revolutionizing the conventional motorcycle helmet buckle market: practical operation with one hand, the self-locking mechanism as well as the simple opening process, even when wearing gloves, ensure added safety and convenience. Laborious threading and repeated adjustments to the chin strap are a thing of the past. The HOOK 25 alu motorbike, like all buckles, is based on the tried and tested Fidlock concept. The buckle is closed by sliding the top section with the stainless steel buckle towards the bottom section. Once in position, the elements pull together magnetically and lock securely into place in the notch. Opening is just as easy by hand: just pull the buckle forward using the loops. Adjusting the size is also simple and secure: the D ring and glide bar allow you to conveniently adjust the chin strap. The movable glide bar ensures that the strap clips reliably and firmly. This is also strengthened when force is applied, which guarantees a close fit.