Magnetic Bicycle Water Bottle

Everyone is telling us to drink plenty of water throughout the day, this of course is more important when you are an active person.  So when you are riding your bike to and from work or on a bike trip somewhere, it is always important to have your bicycle water bottle with you. The cages to keep the bottle in are always in the way though and its always a struggle to get it back in once you’ve taken a sip. Fidlock noticed this problem and realized it was time for a solution! Which leads to us introduce our brand new bottle twist, combing the bicycle water bottle with a magnetic attachment! Making life a whole lot easier for thirsty bikers!

Magnetic attachment meets bicycle water bottle

The idea behind this innovative product came from our own biking coworkers who wanted to make life just a little bit easier. The cages for bicycle water bottle where never a pretty sight and with the fancy new bike frames getting smaller and smaller it was becoming increasingly difficult to accomodate the bottle. What they wanted was a bottle that could fit any frame, no matter how tight, and can be attached and detached with ease. Thus the bottle twist was born. The bottle has an extra groove in the side to fit the magnetic attachment, its counter part is then attached to the bike frame. By simply bringing the bottle close to the attachment on the frame the magnetic power pulls it close and locks it to the bike, to remove it all you have to do is twist the bottle slightly to the right.

Environmentally friendly bicycle water bottle

Many have tried this magnetic idea in the past with bicycle water bottles, however none have really prevailled and none have made it both economically and environmentally friendly. The Fidlock bottle twist is both. Bottles always get a bit worn out after a while, meaning its time to buy a new one. With the Fidlock Bottle, you can keep the magnetic attachment, by simply detaching it, and just purchase a new bottle; less waste for the environment compared to previous magnetic bike bottle attempts. The bottle is very versatile, meaning you can attach it to any part of your bike frame, from the cross bar to the saddle bar, which ever is easiest for you.  Like all innovations, this magnetic attachment is based on the tried and tested Fidlock concept, making it a reliable, magnetic-mechanical, fun product.