Modular System by Fidlock

Modular System by Fidlock

We already introduced our newest development to you: The Fidlock magnetic bicycle bottle holder and water bottle. As with all Fidlock products this attachment wasn’t designed solely for one purpose. Building on the mechanics of the bicycle water bottle holder our development team has designed a modular system with which one can not only attache the water bottle to the bike, but also a bottle to a bag, a bag to a bike or a bag to another bag. Fidlock knows no boundries when it comes to modular systems, if something needs an attachment, then an attachment shall be made!

It all started with an attachment for a water bottle to a bicycle. This magnetic-mechanical attachment was designed for one hand use, for tight bike frames and to make carrying a water bottle a bit easier and more stylish. The idea of a modular system based on this principle was in the works from the get go, however after the amazing feedback from trade shows and customers about the bicycle bottle holder our designers really got going on concrete plans for further use. As with many Fidlock fasteners, this system was never designed with just one purpose in mind. Our creative minds got together and developed this modular system to build an attachment that can be used to attach anything to anything.


The next step in the design process of this modular concept still included the water bottle. You don’t need one just when you are on your bike, so you should have the opportunity to attach it to your backpack. It’s an age old problem, you throw your water bottle in your bag, it leaks, you forget about it, it takes up too much space, your searching forever to find it. With this brand new modular system it is possible to attach your bottle direct to the outside of your backpack, easy to acces and easy to put back. Of course you can also combine both uses. When you’re on your bike, you can attach it safely and simply to your framen, and after you’ve stopped and locked up why not twist it off the back and snap it onto your backpack. It won’t get stolen and you won’t got thirsty.


If you can attach a water bottle to your bicycle why not a bag to your bike? With the same modular system as before the idea was born to attach a small bag to the bike frame. If you are only our for a quick trip or you generally don’t need much on a bike ride why not throw it into a small bag and attach it to your bike with ease. As this system is based on the biycle bottle holder system it will fit even the tightest frames. If you already have your mobile phone attached to your handle bar and you like to have your belongings within reach then this is the perfect system, attach it to your bike frame, safely and simply.



So far we have had a bottle attached to a bike, a bottle attached to a bag and a bag attached to a bike, what’s missing? Ah, yes, attaching a bag to a bag. If you’re tired of searching endlessly through your bag for smaller items such as keys or chapstick then you can save time with this modular system by simply attaching a small bag or pouch to your backpack. With the safe and secure mechanical locking nothing can fall off or be pulled off and your belongings are safe and sound.

As we have mentioned many times before, this is a modular system, so why not make the most of it and make life a little bit easier, quickly attach your water bottle to your bike, after that attach it to your bag, or attach a bag to your bike and then to your bag, or all at the same time, the possibilities are endless. Life is hard enough as it is, if you can make it a little easier why not do it!