Secure buckles for baby equipment and innovative baby items

Secure buckles for baby equipment and innovative baby items

New parents face a huge number of challenges, from responsibilities relating to their child right through to everyday tasks where they normally use both hands – which now have to be managed with a child in tow. It often takes a while before everything can run smoothly. In these situations, all parents tend to wish at one point or another that they had a third hand. A great deal of things would be so much easier to accomplish, especially with small children around – one hand for the child, the other two for everything else.

As the dream of a third hand is out of reach, and it is not possible to manage everything with just one hand, parents need solutions such as buckles that can be operated with one hand to tackle this problem. Helpful baby equipment is therefore necessary that can make everyday tasks easier for adults – whether it’s strapping children into the car seat, putting on the baby carrier, or opening the diaper bag.

Buckles for everyone and everything

Although in reality the problem is obvious, very few buckle solutions for baby equipment exist on the market that also support parents in typical “one-handed situations” – opening and closing the diaper bag, fastening and unfastening the seat belt in the stroller, etc. This all begs the question: why has no-one taken a closer look at solving this problem? Fidlock is an expert in magnetic-mechanical buckle solutions that are self-closing and can be operated with just one hand. Fidlock buckles are therefore ideal for use with baby equipment. Fidlock is also a point of contact for manufacturers in developing targeted application solutions and customized buckles for various products and areas of application.

As we ourselves have experienced the challenges that come with being a parent, we have developed special buckles for baby equipment that make life easier for parents yet still offer a high level of security. You can come and see these buckles displayed at the Kind + Jugend 2018 in Cologne, Fidlock is in Hall 10.2 Booth A21.

Our buckles and baby equipment: made for one another

Fidlock and baby equipment – what exactly does that mean? Fidlock buckles have been tried and tested in many different areas, and the typical features of our buckles always come out on top: the practical single-handed operation without any fumbling around when opening or closing, the self-closing mechanism thanks to the magnetic-mechanical connection, and finally, the increased level of security. The latter alone is evident in that Fidlock buckles can be operated with one hand, meaning the other hand is free for other tasks, such as holding the baby in one arm. Furthermore, despite their intuitive, straightforward operation, they are also childproof:

  • Firstly, Fidlock buckles cannot be opened inadvertently by small children.
  • Secondly, they increase the child’s level of safety. Buckles such as the V-buckle 25 increase their closing force under load and thus remain securely closed in critical situations.

Last but not least, Fidlock offers solutions that are specifically designed for children and can therefore be operated easily.

One example are our buckles, which for years have been used day in, day out on the school backpacks of renowned manufacturers, and have also been tried and tested in independent product tests (Stiftung Warentest, 03/2013). Our SNAP helmet buckle has also stood the test countless times – for instance, it is used on bicycle helmets for pro-bikers, as well as children’s helmets for skiing, cycling, and skating. The proven advantage compared with other snap buckles is that children do not have to laboriously “thread in” the snap buckle; instead, they can use one hand, even with gloves on, to join the two ends of the buckle together, which then click together thanks to a magnetic force and close automatically. This also means that pinching of the skin is avoided.

Customized solutions for the baby equipment of tomorrow

The Fidlock buckles portfolio offers a wealth of solutions that are ideal for use with child and baby equipment.

One major area is that of attachment solutions for baby items on the stroller or baby seat, such as baby bottles, diaper bags, drinks holders, pacifier chains, and much more. As a partner in solutions for manufacturers, we are happy to provide support in the development of customized buckles for the production of new consumer products with greater added value for parent and child.

Some examples of possible applications in the area of child and baby equipment:

  • Bag buckles and attachments for diaper bags on strollers
  • Three-point and five-point buckles for strollers, car seats/child bicycle trailers, or even backpack baby carriers
  • Belts on a child seat or high chair (for babies) or in the rocker
  • Strap adjustments and buckle solutions for baby carriers
  • Numerous attachments for strollers, child seats, and baby car seats – from pacifier chains to handy baby bottles
  • Attachments and holders, e.g. for a cell phone on a stroller or a baby jogger – active parents can use this to attach their smartphone and keep an eye on their running app

We are happy to provide additional ideas for possible applications and to provide support for the (product) development of innovative, child-oriented buckle and attachment solutions – designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Fidlock contact for buckles for the baby market:
Ms Terri Layden
Tel: +49 511 33859314