New Fidlock Technology

New Fidlock Technology

The designers and product developers at Fidlock are constantly working on new fasteners, buckles and new technolgies. Thanks to their tireless efforts, Fidlock has a huge selection of fasteners and technologies that customers can choose from. Sometimes the buckle or the technology is so specific it is made for one application, such as the Fidlock Helmet Buckles. Often times though the Fidlock technologies and fasteners can be used for a wide variety of applications.

This newest technology falls into the second category. The Fidlock Winch is not only a new fastener but also presents an brand new technology, this is the fastener we want to present to you today.

The Fidlock Winch combines the infamous magnetic-mechanical Fidlock concept with that of a ratchet. This unique combination allows the user to not only use the Fidlock Winch to open and close their applications but also to adjust them. Thanks to this combination the fields of application are endless ranging from shoes, to vests, to helmets, orthopaedic aids to even blinds.

As there are a sheer endless amount of application suggestions, we cannot possibly cover them all, which is why we would like to present a small selection to give you an idea of where we would envision this fasteners use.

The Areas of Application are endless!

This technology can be used on shoes, for example. The Fidlock Winch would allow its wearer to not only close and open the shoe but also tighten and loosen the shoelaces as well. The Fidlock Winch can be attached anywhere on the shoe and act as a take-up option for the shoeslaces. The user can then easily open the fastener and tighten the shoelaces and then simply catch the loose ends as well.

You could also use the Winch on a shoe to attach trousers, whether these be hiking trousers or rain trousers, the bands around the ankles can be attached to the Fidlock Winch, tightend and attached to the shoe, allowing for easy adjustment but also adding an element of safety as it can stop the trousers from riding up.

This technology is also great for use on vests or jackets, whether they be outdoor vests or jackets, work vests or orthopaedic vests and corsettes. The Fidlock Winch can be attached to either the front or back of the vest/jacket. The bands of the vest can then be easily adjusted thanks to the ratchet function of the Fidlock Winch and then be locked into place with the magnetic-mechanical technology in the fastener. The bands can be loosened by simply opening the fastener.

Fidlock is already well known in the Helmet Market, thanks to its tried and tested Helmet Buckles. The Fidlock Winch however can also play a part in this market. This technology can be appliedĀ  to sports helmets with a take-up option. The Fidlock Winch would simply be attached to the bands of the helmet and the user can adjust the tightness of the padding and the helmet with one simple motion.

The designers and product developers at Fidlock also thought further than the application options for outdoor sports and realised that the Fidlock Winch can be of use in the field of Orthopaedics. The Fidlock Winch can be attached to orthopaedic aids such as collars and ankle supports. The Fidlock Winch can be attached to the sides of such orthopaedic aides and allow the user to adjust tightness of their aides with ease. Rehabilitation is difficult enough, why make it harder for a patient to heal?!

As mentioned already the areas of application are endless, there are of course many more options than those listed here. To get a more indepth view of the different areas of application you can download a pdf document here.

This brand new technology is currently being field tested. Estimated product launch is 2020.