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Fidlock’s portfolio already includes many patented fastening solutions that make handling a buckle or a fastener so much easier and even fun. Originating from our innovative Fidlock concept, our developers constantly strive to create new and unique components to complement your products. To keep you from losing track, we want to offer the information you require without a pushy overload of unnecessary mailings. Keep up to date about fairs and events where you can meet Fidlock and test our fasteners, read about new magnetic-mechanical creations and don’t miss out on selected Fidlock-related news. Just as our magnetic fasteners, we want our newsletter to make your life easier and not your routine inbox check any harder. This is a newsletter for you and your fellow subscribers and not just all about us – subscribe now!

In line with relevance to yourself and your products – feel free for suggestions!

Each person receives quite an large amount of e-mails and each one of them makes it harder to keep an overview. It is just natural that you want to keep unnecessary-mail at a minimum. Therefore, we here at Fidlock want to establish a newsletter which is in line with our subscribes interests to make your work with magnetic fasteners as comfortable, as using your future products. To achieve this goal, we are grateful for your suggestions to optimize our content according to our subscribers’ appeal:

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