FIDLOCK at the Kind + Jugend 2019

FIDLOCK at the Kind + Jugend 2019

Entirely for the desires and needs of your little ones

Creating products for babies, toddlers or children is a very special task. Nothing is more important to parents than their offspring and their well-being. Naturally, the industry constantly strives to not just meet the demands of the little ones and their sleep-deprived guardians but to surpass those with innovative creations. As the international leading fair, the Kind + Jugend offers the ideal platform for product developers and designers taking this important matter into their hands. Accordingly, FIDLOCK and the territory of the Kind + Jugend are a natural fit. With our patented magnetic-mechanical fastening solutions, the FIDLOCK concept offers many innovations in the fastener industry that are ideally suited for child-related products, introducing new models at the Kind + Jugend 2019:

Novelties by FIDLOCK at the Kind + Jugend 2019

Usually, strong and secure hold dominate as main requirements for a fastener. Yet, there are application areas where containing the hold at a certain point is crucial. Here the new FIDLOCK SNAP stackable comes into play: Children are full of energy and joy, inevitably leading to a certain clumsiness. Now imagine a bib which stays put during lunch, but when the little one’s urge to play or a slight tantrum suddenly cause a moment of disturbance, the fastener will give way.  Important, in case the bib gets caught on the chair. The nifty FIDLOCK SNAP stackable is a simple fastener with sophisticated traits that allow special application areas. Its “delicacy” creates a secure hold up until a certain, rather mild force, releases it. When the force on the fastener exceeds its capacity, the fastener will open without breaking – a reliable button replacement without possible injuries caused by unyielding alternatives. Due to the polarity of the magnets, a magnetic fastener usually requires two different components. The SNAP stackable, however, serves as its own counterpart. This allows SNAP stackables of the same size to be connected from either side, stacking as many as you like! “Buttoning up” your jacket was never as quick and easy: When the parts are brought into position, the magnetic force causes them to close automatically. Simply pulling the components apart with mild force opens the fastener again. Children’s products and apparel achieve great benefits with a SNAP stackable: How about reversible or rain jackets that even the youngest can button up by themselves or a scarf that stays put but is taken off in a jiff?

That is not the only highlight we have up our sleeves for the Kind + Jugend 2019. The previous year, we had many visitors wishing for a single action FIDLOCK alternative to our current double action 5-point lock that complies with the high demands of child transportation and combines them with the well-known traits of our FIDLOCK fasteners and buckles. These wishes were heard by our developers who diligently worked on a 5-point fastening alternative, designed to meet diverse safety standards for strollers and their efforts indeed paid off: FIDLOCK will be proudly presenting very first parts of such an alternative for you to try out at the Kind + Jugend 2019! The new opening mechanism requires only a push of the button in the centre, taking only a moment before your customers can cradle their little bundle after a walk. This is achieved by the innovative design, requiring more pressure on the button and therefore stepping back from a double action. Closing the fastener is as easy as buckling up its predecessor. The parts are so to speak still warm from the machines and we are amidst the final polishing and last adjustments. Therefore, the new FIDLOCK 5-point fastener will be available in Q1 2020, with an exclusive sneak peek at the Kind + Jugend 2019!

FIDLOCK for the Offspring

The single-handed operation of the fasteners provides parents with a free hand for their little one, proving as crucial for the baby’s safety or very handy in many everyday situations. This is accompanied by a self-closing mechanism that spares from fumbling around when holding a toddler. Still, there is no need to worry that small children will open the fasteners inadvertently. The V-buckle, for example, will increase its closing force under load. Making the baby’s weight an additional safety factor, the V-Buckle is thus ideal for the application on e.g. baby carriers. 
Our FIDLOCK fasteners combine secure locking and easy operation for diverse application areas. Our 3-point lock and our 5-point lock are predestined for the use on buggies or strollers, with options fulfilling requirements for different stroller and bike seat standards. Well-known companies, such as Thule, Hamilton Strollers and Britax Römer already recognized and implemented the benefits of a magnetic FIDLOCK alternative. 
Other well-known examples for the child-industry are our solutions for school bags or the SNAP helmet buckle that spares your customers’ offspring of the mild childhood “trauma” of skin pinching. Operating helmets equipped with FIDLOCK’s self-closing snap fastener is no problem for children – even with gloves.

The Kind + Jugend 2019

The Kind + Jugend 2019 is the destination for product developers and designers that have supplies for babies, toddlers and children at heart. With about 1.200 exhibitors from 49 countries, displaying on approx. 110 000 m² and offering enough space for the over 24.000 visitors, the Kind + Jugend is the leading international fair surrounding the lives of the youngest. The K + J covers an extensive range of new and inventive products and trends. From furniture, toys and baby proof dishes up to child transportation and products regarding safety and connectivity – explore the nursery of tomorrow at the Kind + Jugend 2019, 19th to 22nd of September.

Come and explore the mentioned and many more fasteners and buckles for childcare related products of the future: FIDLOCK welcomes you and our team is ready for the start of the Kind + Jugend 2019 in Hall 10.2, Stand A021! If you can’t make it, feel free to visit or sign up for our newsletter for further information.

If you have other questions or would like to request our catalogue, our service team will gladly assist you under or +49 (0)511/ 961 59 310.