Challenging autumn weather: Bags and carrying systems for any daily schedules

Challenging autumn weather: Bags and carrying systems for any daily schedules

It is that time of the year again: Autumn envelopes us in changing weather conditions and the days are becoming shorter. Especially our daily lives demand safe and easy transport of essentials like laptop, smartphone or wallet. This blog post follows up on exactly this matter. It is a platform for innovational bags and carrier systems with FIDLOCK components that sustain brilliant performance in typical autumn weather. To have an umbrella at hand when you are on the move might be nice, but rain tends to come from the side when it is windy and carrying it around can get quite cumbersome. These products aren’t just an ideal companion in the current rainy days but are prime examples of ideally implementing wearing comfort and user-friendliness with FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners:

The NOMATIC Messenger Bag – one bag for all days

Starting with a company that set quality, function and versatility as key features of their products. NOMATIC makes your everyday commute smoother and organizing your essentials incredibly easy. It started with a wallet on Kickstarter and today NOMATIC has proven that listening to what consumers want is key to becoming the successful company it is today. Therefore, it produces innovative products that adapt to your individual needs. One of these products is the NOMATIC Messenger Bag: More than 20 innovational features make this shoulder bag exceptional in function, with interchangeable organizing panels, a retractable key leash, the TSA-ready laptop sleeve and a protective case for glasses, to name only a few. On the outside, a retractable magnetic water bottle compartment blends into the elegant sleek design of the Messenger Bag. Durable and water-resistant material and zippers keep your essentials safe from unfavourable weather at any time of the year.

Furthermore, even carrying this shoulder bag comes with different, optimized options. The FIDLOCK SNAP male L 40 – RLS allows you to remove the shoulder strap in an easy movement if not needed and the bag can be carried as a briefcase. Due to the magnetic force, merely bringing the attachment-components into close vicinity of each other lets you re-connect the strap with only one hand. Additionally, the FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners allow 360° rotation that ensures a comfortable angle of the strap on each shoulder. This truly is a bag for smooth travelling and commuting – every day.

MODERN DAYFARER bags for a life on the go

A story of quick success proves David Hundertmark, the founder of MODERN DAYFARER, right: If you change locations every few months and still try to fit work and sports into your daily schedule, you might need a very special bag – and many more probably share the same demands. This prompted him to create exactly such a bag which was quickly rewarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2019. To begin with, the elegant appearance of the DAYFARER Backpack makes it an ideal companion for the office and meetings. A ventilated shoe compartment allows odour-free transportation of your trainers, without extra packaging. The DAYFARER backpack is manufactured from strong, water-repellent ballistic nylon, making it a durable option for the autumn. Quick-access compartments and the FIDLOCK SNAP buckle flat 40 ensure highest levels of user-friendliness on your travels.

Following up, MODERN DAYFARER is currently presenting a new, smaller bag with great assets: The DAYFARER Sling features water-repellent materials and zippers – ideally suited for this time of the year. The compact and elegant design is accompanied by exceptional function through multiple features. When needed, the DAYFARER Sling can expand and additionally allows wearing it as a sling, a shoulder bag or a briefcase. With many more functional qualities, this sling demonstrates the ideal implementation of FIDLOCK components with three great applications. The SNAP buckle flat on the bag flap allows single-handed opening and closing of the bag. Additionally, a FIDLOCK SNAP alu functions as an attachment for keys and the V-Buckle 40 ladderlock on the strap is secured by force, reliably keeping the bag on your body during movement, yet releasable with a single, swift movement.

Creatively functional: DSPTCH

The brand DSPTCH thinks outside the box and develops carrying systems that are perfectly in line with their purposes – such as demanding travels, urban commutes or professions like photography. All products by DSPTCH are united by their quality and great longevity. The company started with an ultra-durable and discreet camera strap and came up with many more innovative carrying systems, all the way to “traditional” bags. Nevertheless, DSPTCH keeps in mind, that people don’t always need a whole new bag and offer many creative solutions. Sometimes, all that is missing is an additional compartment and you don’t want to use a larger bag. With the Shoe Straps by DSPTCH, your rubber boots or extra shoes are easily attached to the outside of your bag. No need to worry about wet feet, muddy soles or a smelly interior. Thanks to the self-securing FIDLOCK V-Buckle, the shoes can be removed quickly with one hand, but won’t detach by themselves when you are on the move.

With the RND (Research and Development) line, DSPTCH again demonstrates that creativity and the will to experiment reveal new possibilities in functionality. As a platform for new ideas, the DSPTCH designers let customers be a part of innovation with RND – one example being the Unit Holster Pouch. In autumn weather, simply wear your essentials like your smartphone and wallet underneath your rain jacket. The discreet FIDLOCK SNAPs nicely blend into the modern design of the Unit Holster Pouch. Additionally, they allow easy access, even underneath a jacket and spare you from fumbling around with the buckle.

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