Hobby? Outdoors! Convertible gear through magnetic fastening

Hobby? Outdoors! Convertible gear through magnetic fastening

Spending time outdoors offers much-needed balance for many people, especially as an escape of life in the big cities. Driven by a passion, finding proper gear that supports its wearers is very important. Especially at this time of the year, when the temperatures and the weather aren’t very consistent and planning ahead is replaced by luck. Fortunately, clever companies see this dilemma and make gear that can adapt according to the situation at hand. Thanks to our magnetic fasteners and buckles, the conversion of such products is quick, easy and smooth. The following companies set great examples for the comfort and versatility outdoor gear can achieve with FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners:

Poseidon 2 GTX by REV’IT! – Motorcycling, come rain or shine

Motorcyclists should listen up when the company REV’IT! comes up with new products for motorbike-lovers. REV’IT! doesn’t merely see itself as a producer of motorcycle clothing, but as a guide to truly living the passion of motorcycling. The company offers gear for any kind of motorcycling, such as exploration, urban commuting or sports. Within the scope of this article, a look at the first segment for free-time adventurers is of interest, exemplified by the Poseidon 2 GTX Outfit.

REV’IT! listened to customers’ needs and wishes and optimized the predecessor, Poseidon GTX, accordingly. Less bulk and smoother materials make the ultralight Poseidon 2 GTX unique in comfort, whilst keeping up the performance in waterproofing and material strength. Furthermore, the outfit is equipped with award-winning, fully ventilated SEEFLEX™ CE-level 2 armour for the shoulders, elbows and knees, achieving great protection. Jacket and pants additionally offer possibilities for further safety upgrades. It becomes clear that this outfit is packed with innovative features, such as the removable GORE-TEX® storm collar, but what makes a motorcycling jacket a true allrounder, is the patented VCS|aquadefence ventilation system:

When travelling long distances on a motorbike, changing weather conditions aren’t unusual, especially when crossing borders. Additionally, seasons like fall can be dominated by very moody weather, alternating from sunshine to cold, wind and rain. Thanks to the VCS|aquadefence ventilation system, the Poseidon 2 GTX outfit is a reliable companion in almost any climate. Compared to conventional airflow zippers in outer shells, the ventilation of the VCS|aquadefence system offers significantly enhanced airflow, cooling you down on hot days (in the winter, an included removable thermal lining keeps you nice and warm). This was achieved by combining a zipper with small magnetic fasteners that attach the unzipped panels above now open ventilation areas. The FIDLOCK SNAP S screw low is very compact, allowing it to blend into a motorcycle outfit’s design without protruding uncomfortably and therefore offers a great choice for REV’IT!’s VCS|aquadefence system.  Besides, FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners and buckles allow great ease of use. Applied as they are here, the outfits ventilation can be quickly adapted with gloves, even while riding. A great system also installed on REV’IT!’s other products with laminated outer shells.

Quick access for the perfect photo with MindShift Gear

Fall transforms nature into beautiful scenery. Colours of red and gold invite photo fanatics to grab their camera and go outdoors. Finding proper gear to carry your camera along in different environments can be difficult, but not with Think Tank Photo. Photographers and product designers work together to create innovative and effective solutions for any photographic situations – be it indoors, for travelling or outdoors. The latter presents special challenges, that the brand MindShift Gear by Think Tank Photo effectively tackles: The company got together with conservational photographer Daniel Beltrá and developed gear for those who love the outdoors and their camera and want to protect the beauty of our planet, always following the slogan “Engage with Nature”.  Imagine you are hiking or biking through nature, your camera kept safe in your backpack but therefore risking missing the perfect shot because you can’t access it in time. However, it is important to keep your camera safely packed on the go. MindShift Gear saw the dilemma and delivered a solution with the Rotation 180° Series:

As the name already indicates, these backpacks come with an innovative rotational feature. Two magnetic buckles keep an extra beltpack neatly integrated into the backpack. However, when opened, the pack can be rotated to the front, allowing quick access to your camera and primary equipment. The magnetic buckles are based on the FIDLOCK SLIDER 25 plastic shield, which allows easy single-handed operation of the fastener. Merely brought into close vicinity, magnetic attraction guides the fastening-components, greatly facilitating closure when re-attaching the belt-pack to the backpack. As a result, taking pictures on your exploration of nature is quicker, and the perfect shot is only a great subject away! Additionally, a pack from the Rotation 180° Series will be the only bag you need for future adventures. Back yourself up against changing weather conditions with extra layers of clothing and enough to drink, thanks to ample room in the backpack and an integrated hydration reservoir. To sum everything up: An all-in-one pack for photographers out in the wild!

The Orvis Company – bound to nature

Coming up next is a product by a company that truly understands the needs of all you fly-fishing enthusiasts out there, The Orvis Company. Their set mission is to sustain a special connection to great adventures and the wonders of nature – by creating supporting gear with more than 160 years of experience at their disposal. This company is truly bound to nature and expanded from fly-fishing to wing-shooting gear and further on to sportswear, furnishing, luggage & travel, canine products and many other services. Along the way, they donate 5 % of their pre-tax profits to protecting nature – contributing to preserving future adventures. This company truly understands the requirements of enjoying an outdoor-hobby.

Fishing conditions can change harshly at times, the innovative Ultralight Convertible Waders by Orvis can be adapted to the situation, truly revealing the broad range of possibilities with the FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic fasteners. Attached to the webbing of the shoulder straps, the magnetic-mechanical features of the fasteners facilitate swift conversion between a waist-high and full wader and allow effortless re-attachment. Furthermore, these waders are equipped with plenty of innovative features. To name only a few: an external pocket with YKK AquaGuard® water-resistant zipper, 4-layer waterproof and breathable nylon fabric, an integrated tool dock and an integrated gravel guard for reduced water drag and collection. To top it off, even impossible conditions that aren’t rare in this season can’t stop you from fly-fishing – with adventure and travel at mind, the Orvis company re-invented their wader design. This achieves great performance with less bulk at a lightweight of 995g for the Men’s Ultralight Waders. Simply pack your fly-fishing waders and go on adventures else-where, with better conditions!

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