Stress-free winter holidays: products with magnetic fastening

Stress-free winter holidays: products with magnetic fastening

This time of the year is known for more than cookies, cheesy songs and way too much food. Instead of dreading the associated preparations, many take the chance to plan a getaway in the snow. However, full airport security, bulky luggage and unpractical gear can quickly end in more stress, rather than relieving you from it. As a result, clever companies come up with innovative products that make your trip to the slopes as smooth and relaxed as possible. Magnetic fasteners or buckles by FIDLOCK are ideal for the use on winter gear, enhancing functionality and usability. Therefore, we want to look at clever products with FIDLOCK buckles for carefree holidays in the snow.

Modular luggage for smooth travels – the Kart System by SnoKart

Many holidays start with the stress of packing and then actually getting to your destination – especially with bulky items like skis or snowboards. SnoKart was founded by a group of winter sports fans who were all too familiar with the problems of large bags at security checks and different airline rules. They decided to put an end to the misery and started a brand of snowsport luggage which allows stress-free travels to the snow. Easy packing and handling and flexible options define the luggage systems by SnoKart with new levels of usability.

The KART 6 includes all three different core modules of the Kart System. Therefore, it presents the most versatile option of the innovative modular luggage systems by SnoKart. Applied to the system’s modules are our FIDLOCK SNAP magnetic fasteners and SNAP pull components, allowing quick and easy assembly of the parts. Additionally, a simple pull or slide will release the luggage components and you can take it apart again just as easily. The incorporation of the FIDLOCK magnetic fasteners was part of the complete design overhaul of the SnoKart range in 2018 & 2019.

The use of FIDLOCK fastenings represents a major step forward in making the system more practical and consumer-friendly. We now have a product that is genuinely innovative and world-class“ – SnoKart Brand Manager Robert Bruce.

In a nutshell: The KART 6 luggage system is easy to pack, quick to handle and has got all your trips requirements covered – be it for a weekend on the slopes or a longer stay!

Aurak – safety and elegance combined

Once you’ve arrived at the destination and unpacked, the first thing most want to do is head to the slopes. But one thing should never be forgotten when hitting the snow: protecting your head properly! With a helmet by Aurak, you do not only have a safe helmet but a fashionable one as well. As a result, ski-fans are equipped not only for sports but are additionally well-dressed for socializing at the following après-ski party. Sewn and assembled by hand, these ski helmets are unique and elegant exhibits of craft and design. Additionally, full-grain Italian leather and REACH-certified materials are combined with expertise from years in the motorcycle industry. Therefore, Aurak helmets ensure great safety in a compact design with unique ventilation properties. Finally, suiting the elegant design of Aurak, the ski helmets feature a FIDLOCK helmet buckle with an individual logo print:

Our popular FIDLOCK SNAP helmet buckles feature a great benefit, especially for winter sports applications: they can be opened and closed with one hand, even with gloves. This feature will certainly come in handy when gearing up quickly for the next downhill. Applied to the Aurak helmets is a SNAP helmets buckle 15 with a sober and flat design. Therefore, it blends in nicely and contributes additional functionality to the high quality of Aurak products. However, these fashionable helmets follow the design concept to the smallest details. Consequently, their choice is a customized magnetic buckle that features the elegant Aurak logo.

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