FIDLOCK at the ISPO Munich 2020

FIDLOCK at the ISPO Munich 2020

The ISPO Munich is the largest fair for the sports industry, located in Munich. From the 26th to the 29th of January 2020 you can explore innovative products and clever ideas for areas such as outdoor, snow sports and fitness. This year, over 2.800 exhibitors are presenting their innovations and of course, FIDLOCK is joining the club with new magnetic fasteners:

Pull off, tighten, wind up – WINCH

Two different versions of the WINCH fasteners will be displayed at the ISPO, ready for you to try out. Both have similar main characteristics that allow for diverse application areas. Laces are wound up and tightened around a spool. The WINCH has similar functionality to a ratchet which makes changing your grip unnecessary. Moreover, the upper components of the fastener can be pulled off completely, allowing for initial tightening of e.g. shoelaces even before winding them up. Depending on the thickness of the laces, more than one lace can be applied to the spool and thus, tightened with a single fastener.

The different versions are distinguishable by their handles. The WINCH momentum features a “classic” handle with a design adapted to active and sporty applications. The slightly “classier” version is the WINCH elegance it’s distinguishing features are the soft-touch surface and a pull-tab which additionally facilitates quick removal of the upper fastening components.

The features of the WINCH magnetic fasteners are ideally suited for the application on shoes and relieves you from tying shoelaces. For this reason, the WINCH elegance and the WINCH momentum will both be available as right-turning and left-turning versions. Due to the ratchet function and the possibility of initial tightening, the WINCH can be used for versatile applications. Examples would be the easy adjustment of a prosthesis or tightening a helmet to a backpack. The WINCH fasteners will be available before the end of spring 2020!

Extending the HOOK product family – the HOOK 20 tanka sewable X3

The family of our well-tried HOOK fasteners keeps growing and the newest addition will be available very soon. You can already take a look at the HOOK 20 tanka sewable X3 at the ISPO Munich. This fastener is very similiar to the HOOK 20 rope. Therefore, it is ideally suited for the application on textiles or shoes. As opposed to the regular HOOK 20 rope, the HOOK 20 tanka sewable X3 features a button in the middle which lessens the grip on the rope and facilitates adjusting its length. As a result, the tightening of e.g. sleeves of rain jackets is a breeze.

HERMETIC- new B2B components

With the licensing agreement between FIDLOCK and Gooper, our B2B portfolio has been extended to include the innovative HERMETIC magnetic products. These are in addition to our HERMETIC B2C products and the HERMETIC dry bags, which we are presenting at the ISPO 2020.

The HERMETIC sew in pocket offers interesting application areas for water sports. Sewn into swimming trunks or shorts, your important equipment and valuables are protected from getting wet, even if you take them directly into the water. Car keys, wallets and other essentials no longer have to be hidden before you get soaked.

The versatile magnetic strips of the HERMETIC products not only shine when used on bags, as a result of the strong magnetic force, they are also ideally suited to connect and fasten different components. Therefore, we will additionally offer the HERMETIC magnetic band, for applications such as an alternative to zippers on tents or backpacks.

If you want to know more about our magnetic fasteners and want to test our new products, our motivated team will be awaiting you at the ISPO 2020 in hall A1, booth 114.

In case you don’t make it to our booth, visit our website for more info. Don’t miss any new products or events by subscribing to our FIDLOCK newsletter!

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