The HOOK 25 alu motorbike – in snowy action with KLIM

The HOOK 25 alu motorbike – in snowy action with KLIM

Our HOOK product family is known for secure hold at high loads of up to 200 kg. The HOOK 25 alu motorbike, was specifically designed to create a new level of safety and comfort for motorcycle riders but is not solely reserved for the road. KLIM is a perfect example of using the HOOK 25 alu motorbike on products made for other territories – taking our FIDLOCK magnetic buckle to the snow! Therefore, we would like to show you what KLIM does with our buckle and the advantages that come along with the HOOK 25 alu motorbike:

KLIM snowmobile helmets: innovative support for adventurous riders

KLIM develops technical riding gear for both snowmobilers and motorcyclists who have high expectations regarding quality and comfort. Having the best riding experience at heart, they make a point of listening to their customers. This experience combined with KLIM’s expertise and innovative product design, they achieve technologically advanced gear which truly supports an exciting and safe ride.

For topical purposes, we are taking a closer look at the KLIM helmets, which serve as proper headgear on snowy terrain – of course equipped with our FIDLOCK HOOK 25 alu motorbike. The protective and visual features are already proving the quality of the KLIM snow helmets. On top of that, intelligent ventilation and comfort in many aspects assure a great wearing experience even on most challenging rides.

The KLIM F3 helmet ECE is a strong but lightweight helmet providing great ventilation through 13 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents. The F3 carbon helmet ECE, however, is the result of KLIMs innovative design that creates extraordinary light helmets while still maintaining their high safety standards, it also features a carbon fibre hand-laid shell. The ultimate choice for all-day adventures is the KLIM F5 helmet ECE, the lid features a new design that demonstrates the know-how from years in the industry. Next-generation safety standards, very light weight and EPS design for great ventilation, even on most narrow and exhausting trails, are only a few defining product traits of the KLIM F5 helmet ECE. These features are explained expertly in KLIM’s product video, in which they also demonstrate the perks of the HOOK 25 alu motorbike for snowmobile helmets. Additionally, the F5 Koroyd helmet ECE/DOT is available – built on the F5 chassis and combined with the unique Koroyd® energy-absorbing technology.

As aforementioned, our FIDLOCK HOOK 25 alu motorbike is used on all these helmets. The easy and intuitive handling of the buckle, known from the FIDLOCK concept, adds to the comfort of putting on snow helmets. The red pull tab allows for a quick release of the magnetic buckle, even with gloves – these are no less important on snowy trails than on the road. As a result, riders are relieved of the time-consuming threading of double D fasteners. Additionally, the secure hold at high loads of up to 200 kg fullfills the requirements of snowmobile riding as well. These features are achieved by the sturdy materials of the HOOK 25 alu motorbike as well as the unique locking mechanism.

Der HOOK 25 alu motorbike

During the development of the HOOK 25 alu motorbike, our focus was on creating a fastener which is easy to handle but stays secure at high loads. As a result, the fastener allows a quick release in emergencies, but it won’t budge in critical situations. Therefore, the key is the locking mechanism of our FIDLOCK HOOK 25 alu motorbike: thanks to the magnetic force, the fastening components will automatically attract each other when the metal bar is moved towards the bottom part of the fastener. The parts will then automatically lock into place in the notch, achieving secure hold. Mechanical and magnetic features are combined, as already known from the FIDLOCK concept. To open the fastener, simply pull the tab, or tilt the fastener forward when using other fasteners of the HOOK product family.

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