Strong women at FIDLOCK – Commercial Director Jennifer

Strong women at FIDLOCK – Commercial Director Jennifer

On Sunday, the 8th of March, the world was reminded of the fight women have been and are going through. For more than a hundred years, the International Women’s Day has been a symbol for strong women and equal rights.  However, worldwide gender equality is far from being achieved. Summarized, the International Women’s Day is about raising awareness – following the 2020 motto #EachforEqual. On this occasion, we would like to take the chance and give you a small look behind the scenes of FIDLOCK. Therefore, we have interviewed Jennifer. As our Commercial Director, she is a strong woman working at an executive level. She provides us with an insight into her daily routine at FIDLOCK, the role of a woman in a leading position and what she enjoys about FIDLOCK and our magnetic fasteners:

As Commercial Director, you have belonged to the executive team of FIDLOCK since the end of 2019 – how did you manage in these first months?

Changing to more professional responsibility is of course always a hectic period. I faced many new things and had a lot to get used to at first. Of course, you want to do justice to everything and avoid neglecting anything or anyone – however, I found my way pretty quickly and familiarized myself with the new position filled with motivation and joy.

What exactly does your new position at FIDLOCK involve?

I make sure that everything apart from the direct contact to customers and suppliers runs smoothly. In addition to financing and accounting activities, I am tied up in insurances, legal questions, fiscal affairs, organizational projects and even IT.

What does your typical working day look like?

My day is based on the FIDLOCK agenda. Currently, for example, I am very occupied with the relocation of the FIDLOCK headquarters, because our old office in Hannover is getting too small. Roughly you can say that my daily schedule starts with checking my e-mails. Afterwards, I structure my appointments and my day, depending on what my inbox adds to my list.

How do you feel in your role as a woman in a leading position?

That honestly has never been a major topic for me. For one, I have never had negative experiences professionally, based on my gender. Additionally, I was brought up to think that women and men are equal.

Same question again, but with direct regard to FIDLOCK.

FIDLOCK doesn’t differentiate between gender. We are noticed and cherished for our achievements – thus, I feel motivated and taken seriously as a woman in a leading position at FIDLOCK.

What do you especially like about working at FIDLOCK?

For starters the atmosphere and the general team spirit. Additionally, I am thrilled by the new ways our customers use our magnetic fasteners and the resulting products. “The first time FIDLOCK” is always a special moment for customers and always has been for me. The FIDLOCK concept continues to create an “aha”-effect and a fun factor when opening or closing our magnetic fasteners for the first time. 

What brought you to FIDLOCK and how long have you been part of our team?

It was love that brought me to Hannover in 2015 and as usual, I started with searching and applying. I applied to FIDLOCK because the job advertisement and the company really appealed to me. That was a great fortune, allowing me to additionally find a career I love – a love that has been going on for five years now. 

Do you have a favourite fastener? If yes, would you elaborate on why?

I have two favourites. The first fastener is the SLIDER. What I especially like is that it is opened by sliding laterally, even though it doesn’t have to be closed sideways. It simply snaps shut when the fastening components are placed close enough to each other. The fastener is intuitive and quick. As my second favourite, I would like to name the V-BUCKLE. Not only because it is self-securing but because it visually differs from the other magnetic fasteners. The metal shield reminds of “industrial chic” which makes this fastener ideal for extravagant, modern and futuristic product designs.

What makes FIDLOCK fasteners special in your eyes? What do you think differentiates them from conventional alternatives?

For me, our fasteners are unique due to their easy but ingenious operation. What additionally makes the operation of our fasteners special is that the opening mechanism always differs from the closing mechanism. For example, I have two SLIDER fasteners attached to my backpack which give me a sense of security. A pickpocket will probably pull on them and try to open them like conventional buckles. He will hardly have the time to take a closer look at the fastener. Nevertheless, I can still open my backpack with two quick sliding motions and the buckle components will snap together when I close the bag flap – thanks to the automatic closure. 

How would you describe FIDLOCK with only three keywords?

Creative – team spirit – brave

For us, a lot revolves around the moment: “The moment is our passion and what drives us. The moment of opening and closing, connecting and securing should be a positive experience for children, adults, athletes and industry.”
How does your typical FIDLOCK moment look like?

It is a sound that instantly reminds me of FIDLOCK in the moment of hearing it. What I mean is the typical “click” of our different magnetic fasteners when they snap shut. It is an unmistakable sound that I can rely on – if I hear the “click”, the fastener is closed.  



That was our interview with Commercial Director Jennifer. Great thanks to Jennifer for giving us an insight on her work at FIDLOCK. The original interview was held in German and was translated for this article.

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