New: snap lock V-buckle 25

Snap lock with twofold security

Whether it is a camera, notebook, other electronic equipment, or any additional equipment that is of particular value to the user: If you are carrying valuable equipment, you want to have peace of mind and know your things are stored as securely as possible. A secure case and a well-padded bag are therefore an important part of your kit, while a reliable snap lock that guarantees quick access and simultaneously keeps your belongings safe is the other essential part. With the snap lock V-buckle 25 Fidlock provides a new snap lock that offers the ideal solution for applications with a high security requirement.


More than just a plastic buckle…

The Wed’ze Reverse Freestyle backpack range from Decathlon offers skiers and snowboarders useful benefits on the slopes and when getting onto the ski lift. The backpack can be rotated quickly and securely to the front of the body without having to be taken off. The sophisticated fastening system is based on a tailor-made plastic buckle: the SNAP push from Fidlock.

Plastic buckles for innovative Wed’ze ski backpacks

Plastic buckles for innovative Wed’ze ski backpacks

With the Wed’ze Reverse Freestyle backpack, Decathlon is offering the ideal companion for skiers and snowboarders. By unfastening a strap, the backpack can be rotated to the front of the body without slipping from the shoulder, making it easier to get onto the ski lift and to access the contents of the backpack quickly. The absolute highlight: the Fidlock SNAP push can be opened and closed again so easily and comfortably with a single fingertip that gloves need never be removed.

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NEW: SNAP buckle flat – a proven fastener in a slim design

NEW: SNAP buckle flat – a proven fastener in a slim design

We are pleased to announce a new, slimline addition to the Fidlock SNAP buckle product family: The SNAP buckle flat 30 is a flat and elegant fastener solution for use on rucksacks, textile products, belts, etc. Like all SNAP fasteners, the SNAP buckle flat is based on the tried and tested Fidlock concept, which combines the convenience of a magnetic fastener with the stability of a mechanical snap fastener. In other words, it has all the proven features of the SNAP buckle but with a much flatter design: it closes automatically and can be opened by sliding laterally. It can be operated easily with just one hand, making it extremely convenient and safe to use.

With the SNAP buckle flat, Fidlock is for the first time using a metal rather than a plastic spring for the locking mechanism inside the fastener. This results in a much thinner profile.

The new SNAP buckle fastener is currently available for belt straps with a width of 30 mm and can be customised with your own logo. Two further sizes will soon be introduced for 25 mm and 40 mm belt straps.

Find more information at: SNAP buckle flat 30