A quick overview of the HOOK family: Magnetic fasteners for large loads

Product designer Artur Tucholke from Fidlock about the HOOK buckle family: “… The load resistance can be achieved thanks to the hook- a fixed undercut – on the magnetic fasteners that gives its name to the entire product family. ….”

The motorcycle luggage mount from Hepco Becker

With their Lock-it tank bag system, Hepco Becker present a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use solution to securely attach motorcycle luggage to the tank. To go with the Lock-it tank ring, the innovative motorcycle luggage mount based on the Fidlock SLIDER fastener, Hepco Becker has now developed a new tank bag system comprising six different models for different demands. All of the bag models can automatically be connected to the high-power magnet on the steel ring of the Lock-it tank ring as required and, thanks to an additional mechanical catch, will hold firm on any road condition and yet can be removed again in no time at all.

innovative fastening solution for bags

innovative fastening solution for bags

The Hook 25 rivet is the ideal fastening solution for the simple attachment of bags, diaper bags, and other items onto the stroller.

Suitable for all strollers: The new Fidlock Hook 25 rivet can be attached individually onto any model using the cord solution. The fastening solution from Fidlock is universally applicable, is flexible, and easy to use. It is ideal for active parents and children who do not want to be restricted when out and about.