pannier buckles at Mainstream MSX

Mainstream-MSX uses innovative pannier buckles

At Mainstream-MSX, performance lies in the smallest of details. It quickly becomes clear that MSX is serious about its goal of offering products that combine sophisticated design with functional components that are intelligent, innovative, and efficient. Mainstream-MSX uses top high-tech materials to ensure that its products have a genuine added value – for users that demand elaborate, waterproof handlebar bags with high-performance technology, with an equally high demand in terms of design and aesthetics. In collaboration with Fidlock, Mainstream-MSX has achieved a buckle solution based on SNAP technology for its waterproof CLS 55 MX handlebar bag that outshines all other conventional pannier buckles.


New: snap lock V-buckle 25

Snap lock with twofold security

Whether it is a camera, notebook, other electronic equipment, or any additional equipment that is of particular value to the user: If you are carrying valuable equipment, you want to have peace of mind and know your things are stored as securely as possible. A secure case and a well-padded bag are therefore an important part of your kit, while a reliable snap lock that guarantees quick access and simultaneously keeps your belongings safe is the other essential part. With the snap lock V-buckle 25 Fidlock provides a new snap lock that offers the ideal solution for applications with a high security requirement.