magnetic closures for bags - Zirkeltraining

Zirkeltraining: Magnetic closures for bags made from leather taken from sports equipment and from gymnastics mats

Bags from Zirkeltraining are unique – each and every piece is a one-off with its own story to tell. Manufactured from recycled leather taken from sports equipment and gymnastics mats, and enriched with functional details such as the Fidlock magnetic closures for bags, the limited-edition bags and accessories have a stylish, retro-chic look, while at the same time making you break out in a sweat with memories of circuit training (known as Zirkeltraining in German) during school sports – from the box to the vaulting horse, bars, and mat. Since 2007, the Zirkeltraining brand has won many design awards and has succeeded in generating enthusiasm for its products among users who have high demands in terms of design and quality, rather than simply among sports fans. The idea for the innovative bags from Zirkeltraining developed spontaneously when the retailer Bernd Dörr discovered a pile of old gymnastics mats and some discarded gymnastics equipment in a backyard. These came from a company that repaired sports hall equipment and that had just moved into the premises. When asked, the company was happy to hand them over instead of throwing them out with the bulky waste collection. Inspired by the high-quality leather that showed completely individual signs of wear due to decades of use in gymnastics classes, the idea of making something from this equipment came into being.


New magnetic fasteners - very sturdy for more safety

The HOOK family receives new innovative magnetic fasteners

Since the launch of the safe and extremely resilient HOOK magnetic fasteners last year, Fidlock hat continuously expanded the product family. Following the first four successful forerunners that have generated great interest among producers of sport and safety equipment there are seven new magnetic fasteners. The portfolio of these HOOK fasteners are taking on new dimensions and offer many more solutions based on the tried and tested HOOK principle, including applications for bags, backpacks, helmets, outdoor equipment, baby equipment and much more. The new magnetic buckles in this family are: HOOK 20 helmet buckle, HOOK rope, HOOK 25 alu, HOOK 25 rivet, HOOK 40 belt, HOOK 40 adjuster and HOOK reverse.