The designers and product developers at Fidlock are constantly working on new fasteners, buckles and new technolgies. Thanks to their tireless efforts, Fidlock has a huge selection of fasteners and technologies that customers can choose from. Sometimes the buckle or the technology is so specific it is made for one application, such as the Fidlock Helmet Buckles. Often times though the Fidlock technologies and fasteners can be used for a wide variety of applications.

This newest technology falls into the second category. The Fidlock Winch is not only a new fastener but also presents an brand new technology, this is the fastener we want to present to you today.

The Fidlock Winch combines the infamous magnetic-mechanical Fidlock concept with that of a ratchet. This unique combination allows the user to not only use the Fidlock Winch to open and close their applications but also to adjust them. Thanks to this combination the fields of application are endless ranging from shoes, to vests, to helmets, orthopaedic aids to even blinds.

As there are a sheer endless amount of application suggestions, we cannot possibly cover them all, which is why we would like to present a small selection to give you an idea of where we would envision this fasteners use.