Helmet buckle for the safe ride on a snowmobile

For some it’s the thrill of motocross, for others it’s the ride on a snowmobile. The snowmobile offers not only the opportunity to participate in motorsports in the winter but also breathtaking action and wonderful sights: whether it be stunts on the hills, or tours through the snowy wilderness – the most important factor is the safety of the driver. With their snow mobile helmet the producers over at 509 have excellently combined maximum safety with comfort and rightfully put their trust in the power and performance of Fidlock to provide the best snow mobile helmet buckle.


The right equipment for getting out and about safely and staying active with children

The right equipment for getting out and about safely and staying active with children

When they have children, sporty couples in particular may wonder how it is possible to stay active with the right equipment without it having a negative impact on their offspring.

People who enjoy cycling, hiking or regular jogging are therefore prepared to invest in convenient and safe equipment and equipment attachments for their next outdoor adventure with their baby or child. For many families, being active with their child is extremely important. Hiking with children is particularly popular, as both the little ones and their parents enjoy the movement in the fresh air and the experience of being in the mountains. However, cycling trips also give children in bike trailers great pleasure before they later climb onto a bike themselves.


fastener for strollers diaper bag baby carrier

Fidlock fastener for children’s strollers, diaper bags, etc.

Highly functional, easy to operate and extremely useful – this is how most users find their first experience of a Fidlock fastener. The advantages of the magnetic and mechanical fasteners are immediately apparent, particularly in areas of use where convenient one-handed operation and safety are vital. This “simplicity” is based on many years of development work and numerous patents for the Fidlock concept, which forms the basis for a wide-ranging portfolio of fastener solutions, including many fasteners that reveal their full strengths when used on equipment for babies and children. That means wherever simple operation and safety are of primary importance. These applications include, for example, strollers, bike trailers, baby carriers, high chairs, diaper bags, and many more.


pannier buckles at Mainstream MSX

Mainstream-MSX uses innovative pannier buckles

At Mainstream-MSX, performance lies in the smallest of details. It quickly becomes clear that MSX is serious about its goal of offering products that combine sophisticated design with functional components that are intelligent, innovative, and efficient. Mainstream-MSX uses top high-tech materials to ensure that its products have a genuine added value – for users that demand elaborate, waterproof handlebar bags with high-performance technology, with an equally high demand in terms of design and aesthetics. In collaboration with Fidlock, Mainstream-MSX has achieved a buckle solution based on SNAP technology for its waterproof CLS 55 MX handlebar bag that outshines all other conventional pannier buckles.


New: snap lock V-buckle 25

Snap lock with twofold security

Whether it is a camera, notebook, other electronic equipment, or any additional equipment that is of particular value to the user: If you are carrying valuable equipment, you want to have peace of mind and know your things are stored as securely as possible. A secure case and a well-padded bag are therefore an important part of your kit, while a reliable snap lock that guarantees quick access and simultaneously keeps your belongings safe is the other essential part. With the snap lock V-buckle 25 Fidlock provides a new snap lock that offers the ideal solution for applications with a high security requirement.


Magnetic fastener for IF AWARD winner

Magnetic fastener for IF AWARD winner

When innovative and committed companies band together, a product is born that not only pleases the customer but also the Jury of the IF Design Award 2015. The B Axis Laptop Backpack is developed by XD Design using recycled PET bottles and, is fitted with a tablet holder; it is here that the patented Fidlock concept comes into play. By smartly and subtly attaching a Fidlock SNAP fastener, the tablet holder can be opened in one swift, smooth motion. We want to congratulate XD Design on this truly unique combination of inventive design and sustainability.

Fidlock strengthens management team

Nils Hinte joined the Fidlock Team as Managing Director on March 1st 2015. He has 20 years of experience in the international sales business and has spent the past few years as Export Director in the field of industrial locking. At Fidlock his main focus will be in Sales and Marketing.

Nils Hinte is excited about this new challenge and says: “I am already impressed by the extremely positive feedback that we receive from our customers and I am looking forward to strengthening and extending our partnerships with current and future clients, together with the motivated and dedicated Fidlock Team.”

helmet buckles for Quiksilver and Roxy helmets

Quiksilver and Roxy: Helmet buckles for the most fun on the slopes

Skiers and snowboarders know the problem: When putting on and taking off equipment, gloves must normally be removed to reach all the straps, helmet buckles or even the ties. This makes handling inconvenient – particularly at cold temperatures. Quiksilver, the manufacturer of high-quality clothing, winter sports equipment, footwear and accessories, and Quiksilver’s young women’s fashion label Roxy offer snowboard helmets that help ensure comfort and safety for the boarding scene and remove the need for inconvenient putting-on and taking-off of gloves. This means that Quiksilver Axis and the Roxy Muse feature a luxury chin strap with a Fidlock buckle. The helmet buckles with the SNAP helmet buckle are easy to operate even with gloves on, are self-closing, and prevent the skin being pinched in the process.

further information: www.fidlock.com/en/applications/quiksilverroxy-helmet-buckle

Quick release buckle for camera backpack

Easy access to camera equipment is essential for taking snapshots – safe camera use is important for protecting expensive equipment. MindShift Gear has therefore created the Rotation 180° backpacks for camera equipment. We have already introduced a backpack for camera equipment by MindShift Gear with quick-release buckle based on the SLIDER 25 plastic shield. Now let’s take a closer look at the innovative Rotation 180° technology with the product video from MindShift Gear: Every backpack for camera equipment from the Rotation 180° range enables the fast and safe rotation of the camera in the hip bag from the back to the stomach. The quick release buckle is unclipped with one hand and the bag instantly rotated out of the lower section to the front of the body. Unclipping the quick release buckle and taking a photograph can be done in seconds. See for yourself how the MindShift Gear backpack for camera equipment with Rotation 180° technology and Fidlock quick release buckle helps photographers to safely transport their equipment and take snaphshots.

Bag fasteners on these messenger have so many benefits…

In this product video of the Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger bag they demonstrate a number of impressive improvements in comparison to its predecessors and other bags. For example, the Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger bag features improved, high quality material, excellent ventilation, plenty of pockets, it is waterproof, and it is also fitted with quickly adjustable straps as well as the one of the best magnetic-mechanical bag fasteners. When it comes to bag fasteners, the new and improved Timbuk2 messenger bag uses the SNAP buckle from Fidlock. As a result, this king of all bag fasteners shuts completely by itself, it is easy to slide open from the side, and at the same time, it can always be conveniently operated with one hand.