Bag fasteners on these messenger have so many benefits…

In this product video of the Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger bag they demonstrate a number of impressive improvements in comparison to its predecessors and other bags. For example, the Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger bag features improved, high quality material, excellent ventilation, plenty of pockets, it is waterproof, and it is also fitted with quickly adjustable straps as well as the one of the best magnetic-mechanical bag fasteners. When it comes to bag fasteners, the new and improved Timbuk2 messenger bag uses the SNAP buckle from Fidlock. As a result, this king of all bag fasteners shuts completely by itself, it is easy to slide open from the side, and at the same time, it can always be conveniently operated with one hand.

Timbuk2 Messenger bag

Magnetic-mechanical fasteners for bags – Timbuk2 messenger bag

Timbuk2 bags enjoy cult status because the manufacturer in San Francisco fully understood the needs of his customers at the end of the 1990s, namely bike couriers, and tailored his first bags perfectly for the market: conscious design with high quality and functionality together with well thought-out details. Even today, Timbuk2 understands how important it is to look after this cult status, keep an eye on trends and set new standards. Messenger bags are the flagship product of the brand and Timbuk2 offers these in different variants for the most varied requirements, such as the Especial Cycling messenger bag for die-hard cyclists or urban commuters. The feature list of this top product is extensive: in a nutshell, the messenger bag is robust and waterproof, reliable and comfortable to use.

The manufacturer also placed high demands on the fasteners for bags of Timbuk2, so that they underline the product concept perfectly and provide customers with added safety and wearer comfort: this is why the fasteners for bags on the messenger bag use a SNAP buckle 20. It closes magnetically as if by itself and can easily be opened by sliding at the side with one hand, even with gloves on. This ensures that the other hand is free for your own safety or for any other actions, whether on or off the bike.

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Lazer Helmets shows helmet buckles in action

The SNAP helmet buckles, our tried-and-tested and multi-award winning helmet buckles, close automatically and can also be easily unfastened with one hand or when wearing gloves. One of the greatest beneits of our magnetic-mechanical SNAP helmet buckles is that we can finally say farewell to pinching our skin when closing the buckles. We would like to say a big thank you to Lazer Helmets for this great new product video, which is just as relevant today as it was over four years ago.

Marker Völkl top-of-the-line model with ski helmet buckle – SNAP helmet buckle

The manufacturer Marker Völkl has already won many coveted awards for its innovative ski helmets. The successful combination of excellent performance, great comfort and extreme safety is what makes their helmets stand out from the crowd. For its top models, Marker has attached a magnetic-mechanical helmet buckle,made by Fidlock, which gives the helmets the crucial advantage in terms of safety and wearer comfort. Amongst the latest products from the current collection for 2014/2015 is the Phoenix Otis helmet, Marker’s best model yet, which has set the bar as high as possible for every other ski helmet available on the market. Here an important product feature is the extremely comfortable, magnetic ski helmet buckle with slide mechanism – the SNAP helmet buckle – which can be opened and fastened with one hand. This guarantees secure fastening on all piste levels and is easy to use, even with gloves. Another fantastic highlight of the Fidlock SNAP helmet buckles is that users can finally bid farwell to pinching their skin when closing the buckle.  This great product video presents the highlights of the Phoenix Otis from Marker Völkl and shows how using the ski helmet buckle is as easy as ABC.

bag fastener at Oxmox Messenger bag

Messenger bag with Fidlock bag fastener

Anyone who puts their hand on the touch-it messenger bag from Oxmox for the first time will get an extraordinary surprise because, as if by magic, the messenger bag changes color from dark gray to light gray when it is touched. We’ll let you in on the secret: the bag flap is made of thermochromic material, meaning that it reacts to heat. The magic of the Oxmox touch-it messenger bag extends to the bag fastener. What better choice could there be than a Fidlock fastener, which conceals itself invisibly under the messenger bag flap and closes magically – magnetically. Although it has nothing to do with magic and is all down to the Fidlock concept, the SNAP pull bag fastener is just as surprising. It can also be opened conveniently using the pull strap. In a nutshell: Oxmox creates the perfect touch effect and Fidlock provides the ideal pull effect.

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3-point lock - the 3-point buckle from Fidlock

The first 3-point buckle for simple operation with one hand

The latest Fidlock buckle will make many a heart beat faster: it is not only parents who never seem to have enough free hands when strapping in their child. On the one hand, closing 3-point buckles with just one hand is almost impossible; on the other, you often have difficulties even with two hands. The 3-point lock from Fidlock now provides help for this lack of convenience; it is as easy as child’s play to close it and parents can open it up easily again.


quick release fasteners for camera equipment backpacks

MindShift Gear camera equipment backpacks with magnetic fasteners

Taking photos in the blink of an eye – this is what was important for the product designers at MindShift Gear during the development of the Rotation 180°  camera equipment backpack . The result is revolutionary and guarantees your snapshots: whereas camera equipment backpacks or bags usually have to be taken off in order to get to your camera equipment, in this case, the hip bag, which is safely stored in the lower section of the backpack, can be rotated to allow access to your camera and lens in the blink of an eye. Just slide open the SLIDER 25 plastic shield quick release fastener and pull the hip bag out of its base in the camera equipment backpack round to the front of your body: open, take out the camera, shoot.

Whether during transport or during rotation – the equipment remains safely stored and is prevented from falling out. The intuitive use of the MindShift Gear camera equipment backpacks, or rather the quick release fastener, is both a crucial characteristic of the product and a fundamental component when seconds really do matter. Here, the SLIDER 25 plastic shield from Fidlock is used, which fixes the hip bag securely under the camera equipment  backpack and releases it for quick access in the blink of an eye by sliding open to the side – even if you only have one free hand and are wearing gloves.

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Altego: Backpack buckles in the speed test

Who is one step ahead in the speed test? This is what the bag designers for the US brand Altego wanted to find out for themselves in the ultimate functional test of backpack buckles. After all, these play a significant role in quick and easy handling and safe storage. So, which backpack buckles make opening and closing quicker?!

The setting: Two users, each with a backpack from their own collection.The rivals: A common side-squeeze buckle against the magnetic-mechanic backpack buckles from Fidlock, the SNAP buckle 20. The result: A clear verdict – the Polygon backpack with SNAP buckle 20 backpack buckle beats the Channel Stitched with a common side-squeeze buckle hands down.

A quick overview of the HOOK family: Magnetic fasteners for large loads

Product designer Artur Tucholke from Fidlock about the HOOK buckle family: “… The load resistance can be achieved thanks to the hook- a fixed undercut – on the magnetic fasteners that gives its name to the entire product family. ….”

The motorcycle luggage mount from Hepco Becker

With their Lock-it tank bag system, Hepco Becker present a reliable, convenient and easy-to-use solution to securely attach motorcycle luggage to the tank. To go with the Lock-it tank ring, the innovative motorcycle luggage mount based on the Fidlock SLIDER fastener, Hepco Becker has now developed a new tank bag system comprising six different models for different demands. All of the bag models can automatically be connected to the high-power magnet on the steel ring of the Lock-it tank ring as required and, thanks to an additional mechanical catch, will hold firm on any road condition and yet can be removed again in no time at all.