Fastener for iPad case – from case to workstation

CircDisCover from Bagjack is much more than just a safe case for an Apple iPad or any other multitouch tablet PC: CircDisCover is an iPad case and workstation in one. It features a strap system with a sophisticated interior that, when adjusted accordingly, enables users to work on the tablet using both hands even while on their feet.

Innovative carrying system and fasteners

The Berlin-based bag specialist, Bagjack, not only fitted out the CircDisCover case with its tried-and-tested three-point strap system, but also applied the CircDisc system: thanks to this combination, in just a few intuitive steps the case can be adjusted into one of nine different carrying options and transformed into a mobile workstation. This means that the iPad can be used horizontally or vertically with both hands, for example, even if the user is standing.

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Fahrer Kurier Quadrat excels with Eurobike 2012 award

Fahrer Kurier Quadrat excels with Eurobike 2012 award

Fahrer is one of the award winners at this year’s Eurobike show, which saw the honours go to the Kurier Quadrat pannier, which is based on the innovative Kurier carrier/pannier system. The capacity of the pannier can be increased as required. When closed and mounted on the bike, it is slim-fitting, causes virtually no wind resistance and can carry laptops and magazines. The bottom folds out when it is expanded, giving it a more stable form and providing more space for contents.

The Fahrer Kurier Quadrat is the first pannier to feature an integrated padded shoulder strap system that can be placed in the inner compartment at the rear of the pannier when on the move. It is secured to the convenient Fahrer Kurier carrier system, which is as slim as a mudguard yet as stable as a luggage rack, via the self-closing attachments on the braces. This secure fastening system, which is quick and easy to use, is based on the proven SNAP fasteners from Fidlock.

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TSG wins Eurobike award for the Kraken+ helmet

TSG wins Eurobike award for the Kraken+ helmet

Safety and comfort win Eurobike 2012 award for the Kraken+ helmet from TSG. The Fidlock fastener system completes the innovative overall concept.

TSG, a supplier of protective clothing for extreme sports, impressed the judges at Eurobike 2012 with its safe, adjustable and comfortable Kraken+ crash helmets. Particularly praiseworthy was the combination of the innovative carrier system (FlexTech innovation) and the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS, Brain Protection System), whereby the flexible inner shell adapts to different head shapes for safe and pressure-free wearer comfort. An optimum distribution of impact energy is guaranteed by the manoeuvrability of the individual foam parts. The MIPS system is located between the helmet shell and the foam and imitates the “biological” protective mechanisms of the human brain. In the event of an accident, the helmet shell shifts, absorbing the majority of the rotational forces common in diagonal impacts that would otherwise be directed at the brain. The result is maximum protection of the head.

The safe and easy to use fastener system from Fidlock completes TSG’s comprehensive safety concept for the Kraken+ helmet, namely the multi-award winning SNAP helmet buckle, which is self-closing and opens easily by sliding to the side.

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Lazer Oasiz GoPro camera mount wins Eurobike 2012 award

Helmets from Lazer are renowned among professional cyclists for their excellent functionality, safety and comfort. No wonder therefore that Lazer Sport has won the Eurobike award for the fifth time.

Helmets from Lazer are renowned among professional cyclists for their excellent functionality, safety and comfort. Whether the special adjustment system to fit any head size, the lightweight design or the temperature-regulating helmet padding – helmets from Lazer are packed with high-performance technology. This includes the “magic buckle” fastener system (based on the Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle fastener), which allows cyclists to easily open and close the helmet with just one hand.

Lazer also understands the need to regularly adapt its helmets to meet the growing requirements of users. For example, the integrated special mount for the popular GoPro sports camera. This innovation recently impressed the judges at the sports cycling event and won the coveted Eurobike 2012 award for the Lazer Oasiz cycle helmet with integrated GoPro mount.

The mount allows the GoPro camera to be easily attached to – and also quickly detached from – the top of the helmet, representing a considerably safer option than the camera’s standard mounting system. Once secured in place, the camera is completely fixed and cannot move – meeting all the requirements for perfect support while out on a bike.

Ispo Bike 2012 – Fastener solutions for bicycles

Ispo Bike 2012 – Fastener solutions for bicycles

One of the highlights in the cycling enthusiasts’ calendar is taking place between 16 and 19 August 2012: ISPO Bike will be opening its doors to exhibitors and trade visitors.

ISPO Bike combines the commercial aspects of the bicycle market with the emotions of cycling. The focus of this year’s bike event will be on the future topic of e-mobility. All aspects of the trendy topic of urban biking will also be presented in Munich. With bicycles, clothing and accessories, Ispo Bike has something for everyone.

In Hall A6, Stand 106, Fidlock will be exhibiting its award-winning fastener systems – based on the Fidlock Principle – that offer perfect solutions for bicycles. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the high level of flexibility that Fidlock fastener solutions offer in multiple application areas.

As an absolute highlight at the trade fair stand, Fidlock will be presenting new solutions that ensure flexible and secure attachment – and easy release – of various items of biking equipment and accessories. The fastening technology offers the bicycle market completely new opportunities for attaching panniers, drinking flasks, lights or even air pumps to the bike with a quick “snap” and release them again with just one hand. In everyday use, cyclists benefit from a higher level of convenience, making biking more fun without compromising on safety. For example, with magnetic/mechanical connections, cyclists can attach a helmet camera in one smooth motion and position it correctly on the helmet. This means in future it will be possible to experience the fun of downhill biking over and over again!

Further highlights at the trade fair stand include tried-and-tested fasteners such as the user-friendly Fidlock SNAP helmet buckle that revolutionised the traditional helmet buckle. The Fidlock showcase at Ispo Bike 2012 will also include the SNAP push and the new SNAP secure fasteners. It goes without saying that functionality, safety and fun are guaranteed with all Fidlock fastener solutions.

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NEW: Fastener SNAP secure – the fastener solution for secure attachment and adjustment

NEW: Fastener SNAP secure – the fastener solution for secure attachment and adjustment

With its SNAP secure product, Fidlock is introducing an innovative fastener solution from its multi-award-winning SNAP product family. The SNAP secure is much more than just a fastener: it combines the requirements for an attachment or locking solution with the option of adjusting the object attached to the fastener/mount in stages as required.

The SNAP secure fastener can still be turned even after it is closed, allowing the user to place the object in the desired position. For this purpose, the fastener features a flexible 8-stage or 12-stage snap function, which makes different adjustments and mounting positions possible. Its functionality makes the SNAP secure an ideal fastener solution, for example, for attaching and securely adjusting lights or cameras on helmets to the exact position required.

No matter whether it is a fastener solution on helmets, belts or other equipment, there is a wide range of application possibilities for the SNAP secure, and it guarantees particularly high security and ease of use.

Like all Fidlock fasteners, the SNAP secure is based on the proven Fidlock Principle that combines the advantages of a magnetic fastener with a stable mechanical locking functionality and so offers a high degree of added value: operation with one hand, virtually automatic closing procedure and particularly secure locking.

Fidlock will be presenting the latest addition to the SNAP product family for the first time at the Winter ISPO 2012.

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Fidlock strengthens management team

Markus Geiger is the new Commercial Director at Fidlock, following his appointment on 1st May 2012.

The 53-year old commercial specialist brings many years of experience in a number of commercial fields to support the management team, and is responsible for Finance and Controlling at Fidlock. His wealth of experience has been built up in a range of positions in banks and lending institutions, in risk management, auditing, quality assurance and financial controlling. Most recently, Markus Geiger held a number of key positions for the Frey Group.

Managing Director Christian Schöne believes the addition of Markus Geiger to the management team will put Accounting, Financial Controlling and Administration at the company on a new footing. His appointment will stand Fidlock in good stead for the projected further growth in sales and staff numbers at the company.

Fidlock – success at Techtextil in Atlanta

Between 24 and 26 April 2012, Fidlock took part in techtextil in Atlanta, USA, to showcase its innovative fastener technologies to interested trade visitors to the fair.

The focus on Techtextil in Atlanta, USA, was on innovative fastener solutions for a wide range of technical textiles and application areas – from protective and outdoor clothing through to textiles used in the transportation, medical, road and building construction industries.

At the trade fair stand, product designers and purchasers from international manufacturing firms had the opportunity to witness the highly convincing performance characteristics of the high-function fasteners featuring the Fidlock Concept and discuss how they are used with technical textiles – for example for workwear, protective clothing, sport and leisure.

According to Christian Schöne, Managing Director of Fidlock GmbH, the trade fair offered the perfect platform to address existing and potential customers from the textile industry in the North American market, to meet with experts and to promote business for Fidlock further on an international scale.

Fidlock at ISPO Munich 2012

At this year’s ISPO in Munich – the leading international trade fair for the sports industry – Fidlock showcased its innovative fastener systems.

Fidlock fastener solutions for the sports industry

At this year’s ISPO in Munich the focus was on the magnetic fastener technology based on the Fidlock Principle, that offers particular advantages for sports products: high levels of safety and easy, one-hand operation! The product characteristics of Fidlock fasteners convinced the interested trade visitors across the board: they were particularly impressed by the automatic closing feature and convenient one-hand operation. For many manufacturers, these advantages have already become an important component of their sports goods. The new Porsche Design Sport collection from adidas was used to showcase several application examples, as it integrates Fidlock fasteners and combines high-quality materials with attractive design and sophisticated functionality. The showcase also included helmet and bag fasteners in addition to fixtures for spectacles and other sporting equipment.

The presentation of a new addition to the SNAP fastener range was one of the highlights at the Fidlock trade fair stand and gave trade visitors the opportunity to convince themselves of the advantages of the SNAP push, a fastener that offers maximum flexibility and meets all the demands for the attachment of sporting equipment or the alignment and adjustment of carrying straps: easy to open with a single "push" and quick to "snap" close – guaranteeing fun + function. One thing is certain: following the success of ISPO 2012, Fidlock will also be represented at the next ISPO BIKE 2012 with its tried-and-tested fastener solutions – and visitors can look forward to new application examples and innovative solutions.

SNAP push – the “all-round talent” for securing, aligning and adjusting

Fidlock is proud to present the SNAP push, a new development in the well-known SNAP product family. The SNAP push allows you to secure, align or adjust easily and securely.

Fidlock is proud to present the SNAP push, a new development in the well-known SNAP product family. The new fastener really is an “all-round talent”: the SNAP push allows you to secure, align or adjust easily and securely. It is especially well-suited for use on all types of bags. The SNAP push product family consists of a wide range of combinable connectors – both female and male – whose mutual combination options are virtually unlimited.

Product developers and designers can call on the ideal model and fitting for different materials and material strengths, while users benefit from the convenience and ease of use for which Fidlock products are famed: easy to open with a single “push” and quick to “snap” close – fun + function combined! In addition to its extreme user-friendliness, the SNAP push also impresses with its multi-stage fastener concept, which means it can only be opened after being released by the “push” action, so adding an extra layer of security.

Like all SNAP fasteners, the SNAP push is based on the proven Fidlock Concept, that combines the benefits of a magnetic fastener with a stable mechanical locking functionality and so offers a high degree of added value: operation with one hand, virtually automatic closing procedure and secure locking.

The SNAP push can easily be tailored to individual needs and is perfect for branding in line with your product design.

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