The SNAP cube lock is the ideal solution for individual fastenings and heavy loads – from a mobile phone on a bicycle to a TV on the wall.

Whether used to fasten small accessories or larger items, light or heavy objects: the new SNAP cube lock from Fidlock guarantees a secure hold, even for heavy loads. The SNAP cube lock has been developed to provide products with a mount for the secure attachment of objects. It could be a cycle computer or iPhone on a bike’s handlebars, tools on a belt, a picture or even a TV on the wall. It also offers a simple and dependable solution for fixing bicycles and sports equipment such as canoes in a safe storage location.

What is special about the cube lock. One or more fasteners can be used, depending on the weight of the items to be attached. The holding force needed for large, small, heavy or light objects can be achieved by combing the requisite number of cube locks.